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Announcing the Release of VMware Fusion 5!

Mac has gradually become a popular choice for home users of computing technology, but Microsoft Windows still dominates most of the business atmosphere of computers. Fortunately there are programs such as VMware Fusion, which allows Windows to be run on Mac devices. Last August 2012, VMware, Inc. announced that the latest successor in the line of VMware Fusion products, VMware Fusion 5, was already in the making. With the recent releases of Mountain Lion and Windows 8, it is indeed high time for the release of VMware Fusion 5.

The first and foremost key feature of VMware Fusion 5 is that it will be specially designed for the Mountain Lion operating system; in fact, VMware Fusion 5 can actually integrate into some of Mountain Lion’s utilities, such as its search function or automatic updates tool. Another key feature is that it can take the newest features of Windows 8 and run them perfectly on Macintosh computers. VMware Fusion 5 will also come with greatly improved performance capabilities, and running Windows software on Mac computers will consume much less computer resources than ever before. Besides these 3 major new features, it also comes with other goodies, such as an improved graphic user interface, which will heighten user-friendliness, and an embedded learning center, which will help new VMware Fusion users to understand and use the program better. Last but not least, VMware Fusion 5 will also be released with a Professional edition, which will come with added features such as the ability to create virtual machines and custom networks for business use.

VMware Fusion 5 will be sold for $49.99, available by download or store purchase. The professional edition will be sold for $99.99. Customers who purchased VMware Fusion 4 on or after July 25, however, will be allowed to upgrade to VMware Fusion 5 free of charge. And VMware Fusion 3 and 4 customers may upgrade to VMware Fusion 5 professional for only $49.99.