Trend Micro Titanium Premium Security 2014

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Trend Micro Titanium Premium Security 2014

Trend Micro Premium Security 10

  • Secures Up to 5 Devices
  • Protects Kids Online
  • Tunes Up System
  • Secures Android and iOS Mobile Devices
  • Stores 25 GB of Files in a Secure Cloud

Trend Micro Titanium Premium Security 2014 is a revolutionary internet security software solution. The anti-virus software is proving to be very powerful and better than any of the other software solution that is available in the market today. In the world full of threats, Trend Micro Titanium  is giving you a ray of hope to protect your computer and save your life from vulnerabilities. The anti-virus comes with PC protection, MAC protection and Android mobile protection system.

Here are some feature of Trend Micro Titanium Security 2014:


If you open your email, you will find a lot of emails that come to you from unknown sources. You get all kinds of emails and all kinds of offers from these emails. Some are genuine and some are not. There are emails that come to you with potential threats in them. If you open such emails, they can prove disastrous to your PC or MAC. However, with Trend Micro, you can block all emails that come to you from unknown sources.


The virus world is growing with new kind of viruses being created every minute. You need a software that can scan any new signatures that are malefic and curb such occurrences. The new Trend Micro Titanium safeguards your PC from all kinds of threats and keeps the virus database updates all the time. The real time update ensures the virus database is updated and new viruses are kept away from your PC.


Controlling the online environment of your kids is really important. You must have a complete control on the kids’ online exposure. With Trend Micro, you can block unnecessary and harmful content and keep your kids safe in the online world. You can control the content that your kid is exposed to, and you can also keep a check on the online activity of your kids.


Online shopping is the thing of the present. You will want to buy things online; therefore, you need a safe environment to conduct your banking transactions. Trend Micro Titanium Security 2014 will ensure a safe and a secure online world where you can safely do your banking transactions.


Sending and receiving confidential files online is essential and that is the fastest way to exchange information. Having most of your confidential data on your computer is also normal. You will have saved a lot of passwords, social security numbers, banking information on your computer. These details are remotely secured by Trend Micro Titanium.


Trend Micro Titanium Security 2014 does not slow down your system’s performance. On the contrary, it optimizes your PC’s performance and makes your PC work faster and better. Your PC’s resources are handled well and you get the best resources when you need them.


Everyone has a Smartphone that is connected to the internet. Therefore, you need security for your Smartphone too. Trend Micro Titanium Security 2014 covers your Smartphone and ensures the safety of your mobile device.