Stories about amazing and loyalty Dogs


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Look outside, you will see where the life is real life.

The life is not like a dream, but you will feel inspired by it in some ways.

“A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies” – Based on a True Story

A Lovely and Inspiring Story – 26 October 2012 | by Osita Latina

A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies is based on a true story of 2004 in Yamakoshi Village, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. This Story is very touching, It show us the mutual trust and love between humans and animals. It teach us how a dog is a true fighter and the unconditional love for their owners and her own puppies, If you like or love dogs you would not be disappointment watching this movie,after all is a true story. Personally I cried with this movie and make me realize how amazing are animals, they give us much more of what we give them in return. Finally to say that A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies is a lovely and inspiring story. Japanesse movies always leave a positive message( Hachiko, 1 litre of tears,etc)

Hatchiko: A Dog’s Tale

A college professor takes in a dog he finds abandoned, and both find their lives changed forever as they form an unbreakable bond. Based on the true story of Hachiko, an Akita dog in 1920s Japan remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his master.