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Finally, Sony Sound Forge is on Mac OS X

MADISON, Wis.—The number one creative multimedia designer and creator Sony Creative Software has launched the Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac specifically designed for Mac OSX. The latest addition to the Sony Sound Forge family provides a contemporary audio program that enables artists and sound producers to record, edit, process, and render sounds that are ready for broadcasting in Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) or 10.8 (Mountain Lion) with a very friendly user interface.

Sound Forge provides a complete array of tools and implements for everything a media professional may need. Sound Forge is perfect for creating and editing sound files as well as the basic processing functions (cutting, trimming, fades, and crossfades) and extra flair (Pencil Mode, Envelop Mode, Channel conversion, and Event-based editing).

From the Sony website, the following are the tools and features included in the latest Mac version of Sound Forge: iZotope sample rate conversion, iZotope Mastering plug-ins, regions and markers, native processing (flip, fade, mute, normalize and reverse), plug-in chainer (redesigned exclusively for Pro Mac), plug-in chooser, partner plug-ins which include the Mac rare AU and VST plug-in collection, configurable viewing panels, audio recording, channel converter, Elastique time-stretching plug-in, dedicated media browser, industry standard time formats, iZotope MBIT+ Dither, Mastering Reverb, iZotope Repair and restoration plug-ins, Mastering (iZotope’s Mastering and Repair Suite), normalizing tools, meters, and summary information, file properties, and statistics tools.

The one-stop audio mastering solution provides all these features and more for a reasonable price starting at US $299 (packaged) and $269 (downloads). Free trial versions are also available at

For years, Sony Creative Software has continuously modified and reinvented its award-winning line of products for digital video, music, DVD, and audio production with the aim of supporting various artists, professionals, students, and enthusiasts in developing their digital projects. Its constant pursuit in improving software for perfecting digital contents is always assisted by professional and customer advice and suggestions. Also by Sony Creative Software are the equally quintessential professional tools for other multimedia production, namely Photo Go, Vegas, and ACID (for images, video, and remixed audio respectively).

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