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Sony Imagination Studio 4 Launched for Multimedia Editing

Since 1946, Sony has been producing electronics for the Japanese market. In time, they expanded to a global market and offered more products including, but not limited to, appliances, gaming consoles, and software. One of the company’s latest released products that are currently making waves is the Sony Imagination Studio 4. It’s a package of four software programs produced by Sony to facilitate the function of multimedia editing across platforms that span audio, video, and a lot more.

Movie Studio Platinum serves to fulfill the function of video editing. Almost all video formats can be accommodated by this program with the addition of an innovative feature which enables you to edit in 3D. There’s a variety of effects to select from when using this program including transitions and filters.

You also have the option of creating custom titles. If you’re working with low-quality footage, Movie Studio Platinum has tools to correct colors and raise quality. Pixelcast also enables for easy sharing on the internet. Acid Music Studio and Sound Forge Audio Studio compose the audio editing and production component of this program package.

With the tools from Acid Music Studio, you can edit music with ease thanks to the user-friendly interface. Sound Forge Audio Studio serves the purpose of facilitating recording sessions at a quality comparable to results attained in professional music studios. This program also has a Vocal Eraser which can clean up a track and leave only the instrumentals so it’s easier to attain music where one can overlay their own vocals.

Last but not least, DVD Architect Studio serves to help you professionally produce your own DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. These productions will feature your choice of formats as well as menus that resemble those you can find on DVD and Blu-Ray discs sold in any store. With DVD Architect Studio, you can add the perfect final touch to any Sony Imagination Studio 4 production.