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Soda PDF 7 Professional
Soda PDF 7

Today’s world demands for files and documents to easily shared, edited, converted, and create. With the goal going paperless, PDFs has been very useful especially among businesses from small to large corporations. Along come new products like PDF readers and editing softwares.

Soda is Pro Editor Software by LuLu Software, launching their first version of Soda way back in 2010. The latest version of this PDF editing software is Soda PDF 7, compatible for both Windows and Mac.

Smart and Simple

The group behind this software aims to provide users effective PDF editing at the simplest way possible. As the latest version, Soda PDF 7 continues the features of previous SODA PDF version along with some enhancements and new additions.

Soda PDF delivers useful functions with an easy-to-use interface that is also uncluttered and modern. This product is developed to give strong support to all types of businesses.

Soda PDF 7 comes in different packages suiting different needs and requirements. For smaller business, Soda PDF standard package is the best choice. Then there is the Soda PDF Professional and the Soda PDF 7 Pro + OCR for more advanced settings and functions.

This software comes with a built-in PDF reader. The standard package of Soda PDF 7 let users create, convert, edit, and insert images or files. Freely change font, cut or extract images – there are many possible ways to work with this editing software.

The Professional Package adds review, forms, and secure and sign. Creating forms with Soda PDF 7 Professional Package is easy with a user-friendly interface to add buttons, check boxes, and add data.

Lastly, the most premium package is the Soda PDF 7 Pro + OCR that has all the features and functions, plus the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) where users can easily create digital versions of printed documents.

The software comes in different languages, answering the need of organizations with international clients. It is also equipped to save, manage, and access files remotely online via Cloud.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

The budget-friendly pricing of SODA makes it one of the most highly recommended PDF editing softwares in the market. The company offers a trial period and rates starts at $9.99; for those who want to get the complete package, Standard is at $59, Professional at $99 while Pro + OCR is at $129.

Soda PDF 7 can also be customized to save money and time to all its customers. Users can try the whole package for 14 days, after that, users can pick the modules that they will be using. Soda PDF understands that many users are obliged to pay for the complete packages without using many modules. With this, even the smallest businesses can reap the benefits of Soda PDF 7.

For businesses looking for reliable editor software, Soda PDF 7 is a superior choice. Features are simple and user-friendly yet powerful. The effect is saving time and money. This version has many packages that an specifically cater to the different needs of various business organizations at an affordable rate.