Shark LT V9


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Shark LT v9

What is Shark LT V9?

Shark LT V9 is program for Computer Aided Design (virtual architecture). It is a highly versatile design product that allows the user to create 3D models of anything from appliances to buildings. Shark revolutionizes the ease of 3D content creation, suitable for prototypes, 3D printing, rendering, simulation, and precise manufacturing, all within one seamlessly integrated package. Along with the extensive 3D content creation tools, Shark provides an unparalleled number of formats to share 3D content, especially valuable when working in diverse design environments.

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Shark has been designed with the casual user in mind, as well as the professional engineer. The big hits with the user interface include smart prompting and tips, intelligent snapping through LogiCursor, and tons of training videos. If you can work a computer, you can work this program.


3D Modeling

Shark includes a powerful set of 3D design tools

  • History Based/Feature Tree for Rapid Iterations
  • Direct face editing for designing independent of history tree
  • Constant and variable radius blending and chamfering
  • Twist, bend, boss, hole, boolean, and shell features
  • Mass properties and interference checking
  • Automatic 3D to 2D Drawing Generation
  • Rendering and Animation

2D Drafting

Complimenting the extensive 3D modeling tools is a complete collection of tools for creating and modifying 2D geometry.

  • Over thirteen dimension types including GD&T
  • Trim, extend, join, fillet, chamfer, and fill curves
  • Interpolate, Bezier, Sketch, Fit spline creation tools
  • ISO and DIN standards for Hatching
  • Verify lengths, angles, distances, and curvature
  • 2D Section Properties for Area, Centroid and Moment of Inertia
  • 26,000+ Symbols
  • Markup and Bill of Material
  • Intelligent wall, door, and window tools
  • Works with mixed triangles and quads
  • Creates primarily G2 continuous surfaces
  • Merges similar patches to reduce NURB size
  • Results export with STEP and IGES
  • Supports downstream solid modeling operations
  • New Native Cocoa Foundation
    (Mac Only)

The Mac version of Shark received a major update as to how it interfaces with the Mac OS with integration to the Cocoa framework. Cocoa allows the application to now take advantage of improved text and graphics handling, support for retina displays, and preemptive multitasking.

  • Shark now includes tools to speed up woodworking designs. You can quickly create otherwise tedious joints such as rabbet, dado (through, stopged, blind), miters, dovetails, and tongue/groove.
  • New 64 Bit

Shark’s infrastructure was significantly updated to support a 64 bit processor. This means easier and faster loading with large projects, with some added memory. Designing buildings just got a whole lot faster. All of that is to say that this program is the best designing both two dimensional and three dimensional objects.

Don’t be intimidated by all the technical jargon. This program is very easy to use and quite enjoyable after some practice. Think of it like taking your first community pottery class. Even a first-timer is able to play around with it for a little bit and get something recognizable after a few hours—or at the very least, have fun with it!