NovaBACKUP Professional v15


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NovaBACKUP Professional v15 is a simple, and yet a sophisticated software solution that helps you in taking backup of your Windows operating system. You need not be a tech savvy to use the software application. It is simple and easy to use software that helps you easily take backup of your PC or laptop. The software is a very easy to use as it has simple steps and help wizards that you can use to take backup of your data easily.

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There are times when you accidentally delete data. Thefts are also common in these days. Drive failures happen almost every day. You need not leave anything to chance, you can protect all your files with NovaBACKUP Professional. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time to be a pro to use the software and learn to take backup like professionals do.

Here are some essential features of the NovaBACKUP Professional v15:

Easy to Install & Use.

One of the things you will appreciate about NovaBACKUP is the simplicity in installation. You have a step by step guide that helps you install the program with no hassles. With the installation wizard, you can easily take backup for all your data that is stored in your computer. The software has automatic backup systems that handles all the data in your computer. You need not worry about your data when you have NovaBACKUP on your computer.

Backup Options: One Single Solution

NovaBACKUP Professional v15 is the one single solution for all backup needs. You have both local and online backup options. You can use local backup devices to get quick access when there is an emergency. You can take the local backup in all backup devices. You can use storage devices that are popular to store your data.

If you have critical and very important data that you cannot afford to lose, you have a wonderful option of transferring the data to the cloud. With the software, you get 2GB free online storage space. If you have more data, you also have options to increase the cloud backup space.

Full Disaster Recovery for PC Hard Drive Failure Protection:

It is very normal to have a hard drive crash. In case you had a hard drive crash, the software installed will have all the backup that you need. The Disaster Recovery system that is imbibed in the software instantly creates the image backup of your computer. You get the exact copy of the system with all applications and settings intact. This method allows you to recover everything as it was. You lose nothing when you have NovaBACKUP Professional v15 installed in your computer.

Completely Secure, Virus-Free Backups.

The data backup provided by the software is completely secure. The data is stored in the encrypted mode to curb unauthorized access. To make the process even stronger, the software has the capability of running a virus scan on your data and keep your data safe from virus attacks. NovaBACKUP Professional v15 is the fully loaded data backup software for your computer.