Norton Antivirus for Mac- The Most Robust


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Since when Symantec bought the technology of Peter Norton Computing, the Norton Antivirus had grown by leaps and bounds.  From the DOS-based days, it now has a suite of security applications that range from home users up to the large enterprises.  This also had evolved to support the Mac product line with its Norton Antivirus for Mac and the latest is version 12.

Many have said that only in the Windows platform where viruses abound.  Yet, the Mac did experience its own attacks against computer viruses.  Mac computers have fewer applications but it doesn’t necessarily true that they will never be infected.  The Norton Antivirus for Mac is specially built for this platform.

Supported by the Symantec Research Labs, this security program is so robust in detecting viruses, cleaning the infected files and removing any trace of the virus.  Complimenting this strength is the various Symantec cutting-edge innovations such as generic exploit blocking technology.  Researchers from both their laboratories and their partner universities are continuously on the haunt for any latest threat against computing systems and mobile devices.

Norton Antivirus for Mac has the advanced security function which includes the Behavior-based and Reputation-based Protections.  It only shows how robust and reliable this antivirus program is.  Another great feature about this program is the Norton Online Backup, so in case the computer crashes due to a computer virus, the Online Backup will help the user transfer the files back into the computer.

So, all iTunes music and other Mac stuff and files are sure to be protected.  Aside from these, updates are being done daily and vulnerabilities in the systems are regularly checked.  And there’s also the proactive monitoring in the users email and instant messaging applications as this will definitely avoid any spyware, eavesdropping and suspicious infiltration into the computer.