New, exciting offers from Laplink


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Ultimate Backup Bundle – 20% Off

Create a perfect copy (image) of all your files, settings, and applications. Quickly and easily restore your PC and recover lost or damaged files due to corrupted systems, viruses, hackers, or coffee spills without overwriting anything, even the new operating system! This bundle includes one Laplink DiskImage license and one PCmover Image & Drive Assistant license.

Protect your PC from data loss with the Ultimate Backup Bundle. Save 20% off until 9/30/14

Laplink Sync – 20% Off

Synchronize files, folders, photos, and videos between your Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Keep all your data updated on the go! This bundle includes two Windows licenses and one Android license. iOS licenses are available in the Apple App store.

Synchronize files and folders across all your devices with Laplink Sync! Get 20% off until 9/30/14

Hard Drive Transfer Kit – 30% Off – FREE SHIPPING with cable!

The easiest way to restore an old hard drive! Simply connect the old hard drive to a new PC with the included Laplink SATA or IDE to USB 3.0 Hard Drive Transfer Cable, install PCmover Image & Drive Assistant, and go! PCmover will restore all applications, files, and settings without deleting anything off the old hard drive, or replacing anything on the new PC. This bundle includes one license of PCmover Image & Drive Assistant and one Laplink Hard Drive Transfer Cable.

Save 15% off Laplink products! Ends 9/30/14

We have other great continuing offers available on including 15% off Laplink’s top-selling software, free shipping on PCmover Ultimate with bonus software SafeErase and a Laplink high-speed transfer cable, and many more.