MyMemories Suite v4

MyMemories Suite

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MyMemories Suite v4

MyMemories Suite is a software that allows you to follow the worlds oldest tradition of storing memories. Memories are the funniest part of human life. There are memories that are so wonderful that you want to live with them forever, and there are memories that are so disturbing that you never want to think of them. However, memories in themselves are nothing but a time of life that you lived them in all senses. You experienced them with all your five senses. These memories are so powerful that they come alive and bring tears of joy and sorrow.

Storing memories have been an old practice. You will see human beings stored memories in various ways. There are stone carvings that you will see where memories were stored in the form of pictures. Over a period of time, technologies came into existence and changed the way memories are stored. MyMemories Suite is a great way to store memories in various forms like creating scrapbooks and photobooks. It is an award winning application that allows you to create albums, fine looking projects, and customized gifts with least efforts.

Here are a few fun things you can do with MyMemories Suite :

Create Photobooks

With MyMemories Suite you can build beautiful albums from scratch. You have professional templates that are inbuilt in the application that will help you create memorable albums in beautiful ways. You have wonderful add-on collections with which you can make every page unique and memorable. The fine album that you create can be turned into a professional book that you share with your friends and family. You can build unique themes for every situation. You create unique themes for every beautiful moment that you want to capture in your photobook.

Custom Gifts

Giving gifts isĀ  another tradition that has long and deep roots. Gifts were given and taken by kings and kingdoms. Everyone came with something unique that made them look different and unique from others. Giving unique gifts is a practice that has been practiced right from medieval times. Today, with MyMemories Suite, you can create custom gifts and gift it to your loved ones. You can create many different things with MyMemories Suite and surprise your loved ones.


With MyMemories Suite, you can create custom printable projects. You can use your imagination as wild as you want and create unique printable boxes and decorations for different occasions. You have loads of customizable project templates that you can use for your custom projects. Printing your projects can be done directly from the software as the software lets you export projects is various formats.


You have full potential to create a complete project that stimulates all the senses with MyMemories Suite. Add music, videos, and many other advanced features that will give a personal touch to your projects and make your project unique and memorable.

With MyMemories Suite, you can make your memories last longer and live with you for ever and ever. Sweet memories are meant to be stored so that they can be relived in the distant future and that is exactly what MyMemories Suite helps you do.

(MyMemories Suite v4)