MyMemories Suite 6

MyMemories Suite

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MyMemories Suite 6

MyMemories Suite 6 is released with some new content and features.

New contents in MyMemories Suite 6 are 6 Designer Templates – 128 Backgrounds – 354 Embellishments

About the new features included in the new version :

  • Now you can use Software & Content of MyMemories Suite 6 for Commercial purposes
  • Now MyMemories Suite 6 support 64-bit to improve performance
  • You can change color of Backgrounds, Apply Image Effects & Crop Embellishments
  • In Layers Gallery – there are functions to Lock/Unlock and Show/Hide
  • Page Guides Manage – Users can define and reuse guide layouts quickly with Page Guides Manage feature
  • Customizable Toolbar – Users can choose what Toolbar Icons are often used to show with Customizable Toolbar feature, so you can set a clear user interface
  • Paint Imprints – The name said itself, Paint Imprints helps users paint color on imprints
  • Photo Boxes Size Matching – now users can do match sizes of various photo boxes
  • Text Enhancements – You can adjust and do changes on text such as full Justification, Bullets, Borders, & Padding