Microsoft Windows 7


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Windows 7 so far is the latest version of Microsoft Operating Systems. Herein will be provided the new features in this new Operating System; which is proven to be user-friendly:

First off, there are built in desktop themes which are very easy to change. Great thing about Windows 7 is that you can use an entire theme or just part of it. At the bottom of the personalization window, you’ll see additional buttons for your desktop background, window colour, sounds and screen saver. You can change each aspect of your theme until it’s exactly to your liking, and then click save changes. And if you want to save the theme for later use, click save theme. You can make the screen more readable, if you’re using a laptop, which means your screen is a bit smaller than the typical monitor. Which means everything that appears on it is smaller too. One feature you will really appreciate is the fact that you can adjust text size more easily. Windows 7 automatically selects the optimal display resolution for your screen, but then you can also choose how big you want your font. If you live in a place that always has problems with the weather, and you like to keep an eye on the weather forecast just in case there’s a two-minute silver of sunshine in the day that he might probably miss. That would be tragic. Fortunately, there are gadgets. Desktop gadgets are customizable mini programs that display information right on the desktop. You don’t have to open a new window or launch a new program because they run continuously.

These days, you can have a desktop slide show setup with surfing pictures, while you have pictures, it will display a slide show. When you install the windows 7, there are 14 different sound schemes and they all sound like Windows default sound scheme, but with a twist. For instance the sonata scheme sounds like classical violins, while the delta scheme sounds like a banjo.