Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013


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Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 offering great Features

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 offer the latest versions of Office that are essential for one PC. It makes it easy for students to plan, create, share and work more whether they are at school or home. In essence, it comes with a variety of office applications and features Office in the cloud as well that makes it easy for access files and personalize settings.

Microsoft has released Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 and it comes with some of the most amazing features supposed to make it easy for students to manage their work. There are certain highlights that cannot be overlooked and which the company but be congratulated for adding in the Home & Student plan. Some of the features include Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013, OneNote 2013 and Excel 2013. Each of these features comes with its own highlights which further make Microsoft stand out. For instance with Word docs, students are able to do so much more like open PDF, pop online video and edit without having to leave the code. In addition to this, students are also able to use Microsoft Read Mode for the purpose of enjoying distraction free views on any screen.

Microsoft has gone a step further and provided excel templates that take care of the design and set on your behalf leaving you time to focus on other important information. Additionally it provides great insight by making it possible for you to concert information into a table or chart in two simple steps. PowerPoint on the other hand makes it possible for students to create amazing presentations with color matching, new alignment and design tools. These can in turn be shared online while OneNote makes it possible to handwrite, draw, click, swipe and type notes. Multi media notes are searchable, saved and synced to Microsoft’s OneNote apps found on other devices.

Microsoft does not stop at this but rather, also offers 7GB storage online that comes with Sky Drive. Students therefore can save their OneNote Notebooks, presentations, documents and photos on SkyDrive automatically making it easy to share and edit them from any device connected to the internet as long as it has a compatible browser.

Microsoft also makes sure that students can use their Office when they are away and this is through the provision of the Office WebApps which are offered for free. These make it possible to sync SkyDrive account thus making it easy to view, access, share photos, documents and other files from a device that is connected to a browser. Microsoft seeks to deliver the best experience to students and this has been proven with their Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013. It makes it easy for students to share what they want in a faster and more reliable manner. What is more, the company also offers students the chance to enjoy personalized office where they can sign in to Office from their PC or while on the move while ensuring personal settings and recent files stay with them.

About Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 is the latest release from Microsoft that makes it easy for students to plan, work, create and share so much regardless of whether they are at school or home.