Microsoft Office for Mac 2011


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Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft released its Microsoft Office version 2011 for Mac computers for only $149.99 up to $279.99.

Stand back as Microsoft Office for Mac deals is now within your grasps. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is the most updated version of Office for Mac. It has been released last September 10, 2010. It offers four editions namely Home and Student, Home and Business, Academic, and Standard. While the first edition mentioned offers only Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel, the second edition includes Outlook in the list. Meanwhile, the last two mentioned offers all of these plus the Communicator, Office Web Applications, Remote Desktop Connection, Information Rights Management, Windows Share Point Services Support, Technical Support. When it comes to Technical Support, both Home and Business Edition and Academic Edition have 90 days only whereas Home & Business takes one year. Only the Standard Edition has no time limit when it comes to technical support. Perhaps it is also of importance to take note that it is the updated version of Microsoft Offices 2008. What is more is that it is similar to Window’s Microsoft Office 2010. In addition, it also supports Visual Basic Applications compared to Office 2008 where it had been unavailable.

If the budget is the question, then be happy as Microsoft Office for Mac deals offer reasonable prices. For instance, Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 can be bought for only $149.99. Perhaps it is also important to take note that the price is already for three computers’ usage. Meanwhile Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business 2011 costs a higher price, which is $279.99 for two computers only. The reason behind is the programs within each installer. Compared to Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2011, Microsoft Office for Home & Business has more programs than the first. Nonetheless, both editions include Microsoft Messenger 8. Meanwhile, only volume licensing customers can access Microsoft Messenger 8 that can be in touch with Microsoft Lync Server. Students, faculty members, or administrators of higher education institutions can gain discounts for Microsoft Office for Academic 2011.

As every program has its own limitations, the same goes for Microsoft Office for Mac deals. It cannot support Open Document Format, cannot enable Active X controls, and cannot allow right to left languages such as Arabic, Persian and Hebrew. Compared Outlook’s counterpart in Windows, attachments in Rich Text Format cannot be supported by Outlook for Mac. Aside from that, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 can only be installed if the Mac computer has Intel Mac version OS X 10.5.8 or higher. Other than that, Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition and Home and Business Edition are the only ones available to public. Nevertheless, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 will benefit not only students, and faculty members, but everyone.

Consumers may download a free trial version in this url: Interested customers may also check this product out on their Official Website of Microsoft for more detailed information. What are you waiting for? Try it now!