Intego Mac Premium Bundle 2013


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Feel Secure and Worry-free with Intego Mac Premium Bundle 2013

Being protected with adequate insurance coverage is one way for your family to live a comfortable and worry-free life. In computers and the internet, you get the same peace of mind when you are protected with a powerful defense software system.  Thanks to Intego Mac Premium Bundle 2013, you can set your own defense from various online threats and keep your computer and your family protected at all times.

The 2013 Intego Mac Premium Bundle showcases a 5 in 1 package, which includes the following:

  • Virus Barrier 2013 provides your Mac/Windows PC protection from virus and malware threats.  This keeps your documents intact and secure from data corruption.  This also prevents hackers from infiltrating your system and accessing your personal records.
  • Net Barrier 2013 keeps your Mac/Windows PC safe from unwanted intrusions and helps you detect and block threatening devices. Remember that when you explore the internet, your computer becomes susceptible to attacks and cybercriminal acts may strike in just a split second.  Net Barrier 2013 acts the same way as a bouncer does in a pub; restraining or ejecting unwanted intrusions away from your system.
  • Identity Scrubber prevents identity theft by keeping your confidential records and security information private and encrypted deep into your computer.
  • Family Protector helps you establish safe and secure surfing for your children.  Firewalls are set up to restrict access to mature or unwanted web content.  This feature also helps to limit other sites accessed by your children and to schedule their surfing time as well.
  • The Personal Back-up and the Washing Machine take care of protecting files in storage.    In case of unavoidable circumstances that cause data theft or corruption, Intego Personal Back-up instantaneously provides copies of files for easy retrieval. You can choose whether to run a manual back-up scheme or to set an automated back-up schedule. With the Personal Back-up system, you can also synchronize folders of two Mac computers (like a Mac desktop or laptop) and update both computers with the latest files.

The Washing Machine, on the other hand, helps you scrub and rinse any traces of your internet activity.  This is particularly helpful for those who are worried that hackers and infiltrators will find opportunity to monitor their activity through their cache files, cookies, and search histories.