Intego Mac Internet Security 2013


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Many people are of the opinion that Mac does not need Antivirus software. If you believe the same, then you must rethink on this point of view. Believing that you are not attacked by malicious programs like malware because you use Mac is no longer a valid belief. There are minds that are constantly trying to sneak into your secure network. These are people who work to compromise your online security and create havoc on your computer and destroy your personal files and software.

You now have Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 from Intego that helps you protect your Mac from external threats and keep your computer free of destructive software. You can now be relaxed about your online environment and can confidently do your online work and other online activities.

Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 is an award winning software that has been strongly standing against all these people who are trying to sneak into your Mac and bring havoc to your computer. The antivirus has been successful in keeping the bad guys off your computer and ensured the safety of its clients. You can now protect your Mac with Virus Barrier and have a great online experience.

Safety measures:

The antivirus works in keeping your computer free of malware. There are different forms of malware that is making rounds on the internet. They come in different forms and names to destroy your Mac computer. Right from Mac, Windows, UNIX, MS word, Excel macros can be used as platforms for these viruses to enter your peaceful world. The antivirus software scans all forms of malware and has features that do a full scan for a complete coverage of your Mac. The Antivirus also has day to day scans that can be scheduled for real time protection. The 24/7 scanner keeps a watch on all the files that come in and go out of your Mac every minute. The real-time activity check protects your Mac and makes sure the Mac is always protected from infiltrations. The antivirus is fully capable of scanning through archived files, emails, and any other forms where files can be transferred.

In-depth scanning capabilities:

Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 has in-depth scanning potential. It scans for viruses in iOS devises and cleans all files that are infected. It thoroughly checks the directories and automatically scans external devices for potential threats. The antivirus has automatic application activity notification options that keep a check on applications trying to automatically connect to the internet or trying to automatically install. Any activity that is not under normal protocol is quickly identified and acted upon for complete safety and security. The configuration process is easy and user friendly.

Overall, Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 is an amazing product that assures you complete safety and security from cyber threats. The software constantly works towards protecting your Mac computer from any forms of threats and gives a complete and a secure environment for you. You now can be rest assured about your computer and your files that are crucial for you.