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Vegas Pro Suite: Editing, Disc Authoring, and Visual Effects

Vegas Pro Suite is a powerful tool for editing music and videos. It has great features that will let you edit and enhance your music and videos like a pro.

Video Editing Features:

  • Drag-Drop – it’s easy to drag and drop your files so you don’t have to insert them manually.
  • Customizable Working interface – it has a wider range of working interface that allows you to choose the tools that you want to use and hide the ones that aren’t useful for you.
  • Powerful Effects – you will be able to enhance the quality of your images. For additional creativeness, you may also add 3d particles, enhance the lighting, create lens flares, and more.
  • Titling Effects – the titling tool will help you add animated effects on your video to make it look more professional.

The Vegas Pro Suite is not only concerned with enhancing the quality of your video, but can also work in improving the sound quality.

Music / Sound Editing Features:

  • Multi-tracking – you can overlay the tracks of your music to add effects.
  • Music mixing – you can mix different sound effects and music tracks.
  • Fix problems – tools are available to enhance the quality of your recorded music tracks and sound effects by eliminating the presence of camera hum, tape hiss, pops and clicks.
  • Shift Pitch – with this software, you will also be able to shift the pitch of your voice recording to make the music sound better.
  • Time-stretching – you can stretch the time of your music track and sound effects without affecting their overall quality.

After using all the wonderful and powerful tools of Vegas Pro Suite, the software allows you to burn your finished product directly on a Blu-Ray Disc so that you can easily add subtitles, different languages and create menus for your video.