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Experience Brazil Through Language: Learning Portuguese the Right Way through Rosetta Stone

To say that Brazil might be an interesting place to visit is an understatement. It is the fifth-largest country in the world, the largest country in the whole of Latin America, and boasts a population of 202.7 million Portuguese-speaking natives.

When one thinks of Brazil, they think of Rio de Janeiro, colorful festivals, and happy, friendly people. The tropical nation also boasts a variety of scenic locales and vacation destinations that showcase white sand beaches and sparkling opal seas. If you go further inland you are treated to another slice of nature. Brazil has a vast tropical forest that is home to a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna. All of this diversity makes Brazil an ideal destination not only for people who want to take an exciting vacation, but also for those who want to experience another culture.

Sadly, English isn’t widely spoken in Brazil. Also, despite it being in the Latin Americas, Spanish isn’t the national Language either. You can’t get invested in their customs without understanding them. In order to fully experience the culture of Brazil, one must be able to communicate fully with the native population. To do this one must learn their native language: Portuguese. Fortunately, there are a few language-learning software available in the market today. One of the most effective and highly recommended ones is from a company called Rosetta Stone.

The Rosetta Stone Portuguese (Brazil) set has received plenty of glowing reviews online and can be purchased at Amazon or the Rosetta Stone website. It’s the only tool you’ll need in order to learn Portuguese and be able to speak it fluently. This particular kit contains the critically acclaimed Rosetta Stone language-learning software. You will learn the basics like introductions and numbers, and gradually build your vocabulary up to a point where you’ll have a solid foundation of the language. You will learn phrases and expressions that are appropriate in the context, and how to express yourself as a native would. The interactive software also listens to your pronunciations through the microphone and grades them for you.

The method of teaching that Rosetta Stone applies is not only interesting but also very effective. Essentially, it recreates how you learned your first language as a child by visual representation, juxtaposition, and word association. This is the only software that immerses the student in the whole language; speaking, reading, and writing are all done intuitively. As a bonus, the software also allows you to go online and communicate with native speakers to allow you to build your confidence in speaking the language. All in all, learning the language has been made immensely fun and incredibly easy thanks to Rosetta Stone.