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About the old version of QuickBooks for Mac

Review QuickBooks for Mac 2016

Features Exclusive to 2016

The feature list for QuickBooks for Mac 2016 surfaces with quite an attractive appeal. Some exclusive and far more improved features from the 2015 version stand out to its users.

  • A notable improvement that facilitate much easier timesheet filling and editing.
  • A more efficient performance, powered by
  • A speedier launching rate.
  • Flexibility in resizing of columns on forms such as on payments, sales receipts, invoices etc.
  • Direct printing onto envelopes, rather than just onto labels

QuickBooks Mac 2016 deal

Is Mac 2015 a thing of the past?

QuickBooks for Mac 2016 retains many of its shared features with its 2015 counterpart, including:

  • Batch importing of invoices, bills and payments
  • Creation of budgets by fiscal years
  • Overview of orders and outstanding balances paid via Expenses Tracker

Does that render Mac 2014 features obsolete?

Partnership with its 2014 counterpart is still maintained with the ability to:

  • Create shortcuts with left hand toolbar, facilitating speedy navigation of QuickBooks
  • Customize Centres, thus retaining vital transaction details for customers and vendors
  • Produce reports that pinpoint high end sales performance in employee and vendor database
  • Adjust sales tax paid to accounts, including sales tax paid from credit card accounts
  • Facilitate easy reminders to overdue customers by merging outstanding invoices and income transactions via Income Tracker

Let’s be loyal to where it all started!

Mac 2016 may indeed be the broom that sweeps cleaner but 2013’s old broom sure still knows all the corners! As key vital features from 2013 carries over, users still benefit from:

  • Ease of data sharing with accountants and other window based users
  • Export of data to excel
  • Access to over 115 financial, sales and tax reports
  • Consolidated view of business
  • Tracking of inventory and creation of purchase orders and printing of checks
  • Tracking expenses and payment of bills
  • Create and print deposit slips
  • Tracking sales, customer payments and sales taxes
  • Easy access to customer accounts, invoices, and using keywords in search
  • Email credit memos, sales receipts and email invoices in batch form
  • Customize invoices and forms
  • Map features for customers and vendors
  • Calendar reminders
  • Synchronization of contacts with Mac OS Address Book and Contacts
  • And may more features from 2013 version

Basics to Make it Work for You

For compatibility and integration purposes the user requires

  • Apple Numbers 09, Microsoft excel or 2011 for Mac ( to export report data)
  • Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage 2008 or outlook 2011 for Mac (for email)
  • Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks for Mac (for accepting credit & Debit Cards )
  • EIN and Internet Access. QuickBooks 2016 for Mac works with Intuit QuickBooks Payroll for Mac (for Processing Payroll)
  • Internet connection and Adobe Reader (to print forms and checks)

In conclusion, we are aware that in addition QuickBooks for Mac 2016 supports one-way conversion from QuickBooks for Windows 2013-2015. It will also support two-way conversion with QuickBooks for Windows 2016. MAC16, we welcome you!

QuickBooks for Mac 2015

QuickBooks for Mac 2015 Overview

When you think about accounting software for Mac, you are going to think QuickBooks in most cases. It’s the same of Windows, it’s a premier software that has been jumping through the accounting hoops for some time. With the upgrade to 2015, the software company has managed to come out swinging with a lot of updates that you are going to want to utilize. For those with Macs, this is not just a rehash of last year’s update, it’s a jumping point to all new features and improvements.

Expense Tracker

New simplified overviews allow you to see all the money that you have coming in, going out, and expense reports that are streamlined for better reporting. You can utilize the tracker to get into the crevices that you may miss, and even give you a closer look at orders, what amounts are owed, and where you may have lost a connection point overall. There’s a lot to work with here and something that is absolutely worth looking at on a deeper level.

Progress and Goals

New budget creation elements lets you not only create fiscal year budgets but also see where you’re going and whether or not you’re going to meet goals. Set goals and go forward in real time with top notch tracking to see where you are losing money, gaining steam, and changing direction overall. Tracking has been improved so that you know everything that is going on with your finances, even if you miss a step or forget to type certain parameters.

Batch Imports

New updates to the import feature now lets you work with batch-importing for invoices, bills, and any other element that you need. This makes things go a lot faster and easier to progress towards. There’s also integrated elements that work with the Expense Tracker so you can speed through the reporting, and investment elements of your finances.

Built For Mac

This is not just a rehash from the Windows side of QuickBooks. When you invest in QuickBooks for Mac 2015, you are getting accounting software that has specifically been made to utilize the power and performance of your Mac, giving you a better vantage point for your finances than many other options on the platform. You’ll get updated menus, streamlined reporting, easier batch processing, and much more. Overall, this update gives more power to Mac users than in the previous 4 to 5 years, and it shows through the updates mentioned above.

The Differences between QuickBooks for Mac and Windows Versions

People would think that there are no differences in the look and the functionality of the same software but for 2 different OS’s; Mac and Windows. The fact is it’s not necessarily true. In the case of QuickBooks for Mac, this is totally different from the Windows version in many ways than one. These differences sometimes cause irritation among QuickBooks users. Discussed here are just some of the differences.

  • QuickBooks for Windows have more Versions/Levels – QuickBooks for Windows have three different versions or levels. Depending on the size of the business, the customer can choose one to fit his or her needs. The versions are namely QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premiere, and QuickBooks Enterprise. QuickBooks for Mac only has one version and oftentimes its functionality will not suit bigger businesses. People have commented that the Mac version is equivalent to, or somewhat even lesser, than the Pro version for Windows.
  • Many reports are missing in the Mac version.
  • The Mac version does not have the Accountant’s copy feature. – This feature allows business owners to send a copy of their books to their accountants and then the accountants send the books back to the owners with their corrections. This can be done with the Mac version but the process of file conversion is long and tedious. The Windows versions simplify this process.
  • Integrated payroll in the Mac version has limited features.
  • Downloading online banking statements are more difficult in the Mac version because only a few financial institutions support the Mac version.

These are just some of the differences between the QuickBooks for Mac and the QuickBooks for Windows versions. The above information may imply that the QuickBooks for Mac is an inferior product, but it is not necessarily so. Many Mac version users have found the software to be exactly what they needed. The important thing is, would be QuickBooks users should know what their needs are, before purchasing any version.