$100 Off – Nuance Omnipage 18

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Nuance Omnipage 18

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Nuance Omnipage 18

Nuance Omnipage: A Reliable OCR Software for Home and Business Use

For those looking for a reliable OCR software, the Nuance Omnipage would definitely be a great buy. As far as features are concerned, this technology from Nuance Communications, Inc. has everything one would need for home or office use.

What it can do

This software can work with your scanned documents, PDF files as well as camera images. It can convert the latter into a format which you can tweak and share as necessary. Although it can be used at home by students as well as part-timers who do not have a bulk of documents to process, this software is actually primarily designed for the use of businesses.

This essentially means that the Omnipage can work with huge amounts of data and documents. Plus, it is heavy duty and works at a fast paced so it is just perfect for commercial use. At the same time, it is also multilingual. In fact, it can apply and identify more than 100 languages. This is especially helpful if you have partners and clients in different parts of the world.

Installation and interface

When it comes to installation and interface, there is no need to worry with the Nuance Omnipage. The installation is pretty simple. It would be over in a jiffy provided that the one to install the software follow the instructions as stated.

When it comes to interface, this is also very user-friendly. Even neophyte users and non-technology savvy people can easily use this software. In fact, the program itself is intuitive. It is the one which guides you as you go along using it so you do not have to guess and get lost in the process. More so, a single button is able to perform a number of functions. Hence, there is better productivity.

The bottom line

Ultimately, the Nuance Omnipage has everything you will need at a reasonable price. It is definitely worth every penny that you spend on it.