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Nitro Productivity Suite 2019

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Nitro Pro 12

What’s new and improved in Nitro Pro 12

  • Convert with accuracy
  • Transition from desktop to cloud
  • Access and share files
  • With CAD
  • Skip the printer
  • Multitask
  • Get your documents signed
  • Verify digital signatures

Nitro Pro 10 has come out publicly. There are some new and enhanced features in the new version.

The noticeable improvement is Nitro Pro+ 10 – the new SaaS document productivity solution. What is new with this new solution ? Nitro Cloud is added to Nitro Pro 10, now it supports in integrating for e-signing capabilities on PC. With this function, Nitro Pro+ 10 become more flexibility for businesses in creating, preparing and signing documents – whenever and wherever. No doubt, with PDF transformation and eSignatures in its product line, Nitro may be the only rival to Adobe Document Cloud.

As one of leading solutions in document productivity, Nitro has done a lot to improve its products (the main is Nitro Pro 10). Recently, Nitro has worked with PDF Association to do a survey with over 1,200 skilled workers to know more about their document usage habit. The challenges are document editing (55%), reviewing (31%) and signing (31%), which has impact on the productivity of the workforce.

To get over these challenges, Nitro Pro+ 10 has been integrated with Nitro Cloud, the ability to do eSignatures on PC, integrations with various document storage solutions such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox; and online collaboration tools (online markup and comments) to support users in sharing documents and providing feedback.

To deliver a completely new solutions – Nitro Pro 10 and Nitro Pro+ 10, Nitro Software company has worked closely with businesses from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises,  to make sure their latest products meet the customers’ requirements in document productivity.

Nitro Pro 10 will be public on June 9th, 2015. However, you can purchase the Nitro Pro 10 now before the official release, to see how powerful Nitro Pro 10 is.

As the New Year 2015 has come, many things has changed, many technologies has appeared. Nitro Software also tries to improve its software. As far as I know, they are working on the new version. In the next couple of months, no doubt, Nitro Pro 10 will be released. Let see what is new in Nitro Pro 10.

Nitro Pro 10

When you need more from your PDF reader than the straightforward task of being able to read and create PDF files, then you are going to need to buy software instead of just download the free versions. The most known option is Adobe Acrobat Reader, but you might have already realized that it is quite expensive, possibly more than you are willing to pay for. For those who want a cheaper alternative, Nitro Pro 10 provides a great experience for a fraction of the cost.

For those who are upgrading from Nitro Pro 9, you will notice a lot of the features are the same. The interface barely changed, which is understandable since there was not anything wrong with it in the first place. In fact, Microsoft Office users are particularly fond of the interface considering it was made to feel just like an Office program, which makes perfect sense since one of the biggest advantages of the recent Nitro Pro products is the ease of working with Office files.

Of course, Nitro Pro 10 has quite a few additions that make upgrading from version 9 worth it. For one, version 10 has improved text recognition, making it more capable of highlighting and working with text. This is especially useful when you want to edit a PDF file since it might be difficult to edit text that you cannot recognize.

Another important advancement with version 10 is cloud integration. Version 9 introduced cloud integration, allowing users to back up files on the cloud and have easier collaborations with other users online. With version 10, cloud integration is improved with added security when it comes to sharing documents. It also has support for electronic signature management, allowing you to sign documents with a legally binding electronic signature.

Collaboration over the cloud is also much easier, with tools like review and markup, as well as instant messaging over the program. Nitro Pro 10 is also fully integrated with popular cloud storage services, namely Google Drive, Drop Box, and One Drive.

Other great features include batch processing, which allows you to do a similar set of tasks in a set order to a series of documents, and portfolios, which makes it easier to manage when working with multiple documents.

There are a few downsides to Nitro Pro 10. For one, its price has gone up considerably from version 9, albeit with a discount if you are upgrading from version 8 or 9. It is up to you whether the added features are worth spending for. At the end of the day, it is still a fraction of the cost of Acrobat.

However, a larger problem with Nitro Pro 10 is that it still has not integrated multimedia files, like pictures and videos. In Acrobat, you can embed multimedia files when editing a PDF. Such a feature does not exist with Nitro Pro 10.

Still, for most users, Nitro Pro 10 has more than enough features and comes in a relatively affordable package, making it a worthwhile buy.

Nitro Pro 9

The official PDF solution for productivity

Paperwork may be part of life, but it’s not why you went into business. That’s why Nitro Pro 9 simplifies the entire digital document workflow process, bringing together everything you need to create and share your best work.

It’s faster, more robust, and even easier to use, with improved support for business and workgroup environments.

• Ease of Use: Intuitive improvements to key tasks and workflows.

• Robustness: All the tools and backend functionality business users need.

• Performance: Faster load times, more accurate results, smaller file sizes.

• Affordability: The most cost-effective, feature rich solution in its category.

To meet the requirements of document productivity and workflow, Nitro announced the latest release of Nitro Pro 9. The desktop software coming along with Nitro Cloud has made the version of Nitro Pro more flexibility.

The success of Nitro Pro 9 is no suprise when over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies are using Nitro Pro dealing with related-PDF works. Lenovo, a big brand, also bundled the standard version of Nitro Pro in its PCs.

No dout, with Nitro Cloud, the new Nitro Pro 9 is doing its best to meet its goals – the paperless office, document productivity, and workflow efficiency.

Professional PDF Reader

The PDF extension is currently the go to file extension for people who want to distribute their documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc. but do not want other people to edit the files. The PDF extension can be viewed by many office suites although there are noticeable variations in rendering the files. For this reason, it was determined that a dedicated PDF reader should be developed so that the PDF files will be rendered in exactly the same form as they were in their original file types. This is the main reason why the Nitro PDF Pro 8 was created.

The Nitro PDF Pro 8 is a PDF reader which not only renders PDF files properly but also allows its users to edit, sign, and share the PDF files. When this program is installed, a ribbon for the program will appear in all Microsoft Office applications for easy conversion of all files. This also enables the program to convert back the PDF files into their respective document types complete with all of the formatting and images. Another feature of this program is the on-board optical character recognition system which allows users to search for content, both image based and text based, in every PDF file. This is particularly useful for soft copies of books. This program also allows users to create PDF files using a multitude of ways. Scan to PDF, Clipboard to PDF, and Print to PDF are all present within this program. It is worth noting that all PDF files created using this program are 100% industry standard which means that they can be opened by other PDF viewers.

Nitro PDF Pro 8 is available for purchase from their website with a single license starting at $119.99. Users may also try this product for free by downloading the free trial from the same website. Businesses who are interested in purchasing this program may request a quote and gain discounts if a minimum of 11 licenses are purchased.