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Hallmark Card Studio 2019

  • 11,800+ Hallmark Cards & Photo Projects
  • 600+ New Card Designs, Photo Projects, Scrapbook Pages, Invitations, Stationery, 3D Projects, Calendars, Themed Party Sets, and More!
  • 11,000+ Sentiments
  • 13,500+ Premium Images

Articles about the previous versions of Hallmark Card Studio

The Cutest Way to Say Hello

With the advent of technology, people can easily get in touch with their loved ones. You can easily say, “Hi”, “Happy Birthday” and “I love you” to your family and friends with just a click of a button. Text messages, emails and social networks are just some of the easiest ways by which you could share your thoughts with them, but Hallmark has thought of and created something better, and that is the Hallmark Card Studio!

Hallmark has been known for their lovely greeting cards. They have cards for practically any occasion, such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings and many more, but Hallmark has taken card making to a whole new level with this stellar software. Through Hallmark Card Studio, you can make your card more stunning with your personal touch. Out of this software, you can make a lot of stuff, like post cards, greeting cards, calendars and mini albums. What’s even better is that you can make a collage or a newsletter with it. With thousands of designs and graphics, you can make cards for different occasions.

How do you get started with your card making activity? First, you have to choose among the vast selections of templates of cards, albums, calendars and more. These templates are already equipped with pictures, sample messages or titles, and colors so all you have to do is to pick out something that matches your purpose. After choosing the template that you want, you can proceed already with your message composition. You can also change the font style, size and color of your message. And lastly, save your artwork. You can print the card directly or send it via email.

Hallmark Card Studio lets you do anything that you want to do and editing a photo is not an exception. With its built-in Digital Photo Editor, you won’t have to use any other software separately while making your card. The photo editor allows you to apply special effects to your pictures and at the same time crop pictures and fix some details.

If you think that only kids can do artworks like these, Hallmark Card Studio has just proven you wrong. Card making has never been this fun with Hallmark. Personalizing the card lets your loved one know of your heartfelt sincerity and that every moment you share with them is a special one. There’s no distance too far or any ocean too wide with your personalized Hallmark card!