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About the old versions of Corel Painter Essentials

Corel Painter Essentials 5

For beginners of photo enthusiasts, digital artists, hobbyists and others interested in preparing artwork which stands out, Painter Essentials 5 is a studio full of art. It is the world’s best practical program of digital paint; a software that makes it easy for learning and experimenting in photo and digital art much more than before is Painter 2015.

Corel Painter Essentials 5

Product Manager of Corel Painter, Chris Pierce said that digital art is rewarding and attractive, but may be threatening to those who become familiar to it. We would like to produce a platform for the upcoming and new artists to increase their artwork and skills. All artists begin somewhere; you never know where it would end. Potentials are endless for Painter Essentials 5.

Building of creativity and practicality of Painter 2015 at professional level, Painter Essentials 5 provides with simplified environment for work which makes powerful tools of painting accessible to digital artists at all levels of skin. Interface gets away and is simple to understand so that the users may start painting and drawing instantly. It also provides rich set of tools for learning to help the users in process of creativity.

Realistic Effects and Brushes

Expansive collection of paper textures, media and Natural-Media® brushes are provided by Painter Essentials 5 that imitates tools of traditional art different from other software. There are infinite methods for expressing the users themselves with reasonable oils, chalks, markers, acrylics, pens, pastels and others. With media and brushes that feels and look as an actual thing, users may prepare impressive art, without learning about technical and complex tools. Some limited tools are:

  • Particle Brushes: This category of revolutionary brush forms brushstrokes which gravitates, flow and spring over canvas through the central point, creating a world of possibilities for creativity. Particle brushes may be permitted to obtain beautiful results, run freely with confusion and may be controlled through precision.
  • Mirror: Prepares exactly similar painting, as each stroke is imitated on the opposite side of canvas. Not only has this latest tool enhanced the accuracy and precision during the painting of similar objects, but also saves much time.
  • Kaleidoscope: Transforms major brushstrokes into symmetrical and colorful images, making it easy for new artists to prepare complex art.

Exclusive Tools of Photo Art

Users are in search of photo tools that would help them to increase their results and creativity due to the enhanced popularity in devices and applications of photo. Tools of photo art in Painter Essentials 5 within the immediate effects, and filters found in various applications permit users to prepare more complicated artwork.

  • Auto-Painting by One-Click: Permits the users to select an existing style, like Water color, Modern, Impressionist and observe transformation of a photo into a painting by Painter Essentials 5 through a single click. Skill of Smart Stroke™ brush uses palette of Auto Painting which follows contour and lines in picture, such as real artist, it is an immediate photo art.
  • Photo-Painting: Users may improve their paint photos or auto- painting through scratch to enhance hands- on- experience. Painter Essentials allows you to return details of original image, paint or sketch exactly over the photo such as use of tracing paper.

Corel Painter Essentials 4 is a software with a combination of some powerful painting and illustrating concepts. The software is designed with some powerful components that give you a cutting edge on painting jobs. The Corel Painter is the right software to start your journey in the world of digital art. The software allows you to create a painting from your photos in just 3 easy steps. You can also create new and original images with the software. There are many tools that allow you to work with your photographs like never before. Express yourself completely with the software by using all your creative talents and bring out the best you have into your photographs.

Here are some additional features in the Corel Painter Essentials 4:

Photo Painting

Using the Corel Painter, you can work within a framework with all the tools that you ever need to work on your photos. You can achieve some impressive results by using the tools in the software. The capabilities of managing the brush and working with different combinations is seamless in the software. The tools are intuitive and automatically adjusts to the need of the photo. The software dynamically changes brush sizes, and other details based on the original photo. Saving a project and returning to the project for editing is done very easily with the software.

Drawing and Painting Tools

Using the software, you can choose the brushes by previewing brush stroke samples. You can choose the right brush based on the sample you see. You can also quickly find the most recently used brushes. You can keep a set of favorite brushes in the Brush Drawer column for future use. Getting the exact color for your painting is very easily achieved by Corel Painter. You have many color options other than the traditional color wheel. You can blend colors and bring out the right color combinations that you want in your photographs. You also can pick right colors with a single click from the palate. Navigating the workspace is very easy because of the enhanced icons and buttons. The easy navigation allows you to select a specific portion of the photo for editing.

Managing the canvas to achieve the desired results is simplified with the software. You can quickly access paper textures to get the desired output for your paintings. You can print the artwork directly from the software. You can choose any paper material for printing your work. You also can use the earlier versions to rework on the painting.

Natural-Media Tools

The natural movements of the brush can be reproduced to the individual stroke using the software. You have extensive tools that will help you expand your artistic range. Tools like Scratchboard and Smooth Edge Calligraphy tools allow you to expand the artistic range. You have a lot of tools that will enhance your charcoal drawing effects and bring out the natural and realistic drawings. You have all the tools to achieve great painting success using Corel Painter Essentials.