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Vladonai Software Announces Debut of Upgraded Notes Organizer Software

Vladonai Software, a company dedicated to developing programs for everyday needs, has recently released the newest version of their notes organizer software known as AllMyNotes Organizer. This program had its first beta release during 2009 and has been developed and upgraded over the years. The newest release features mostly language updates with other notable features.

The newest version, version 2.62, added four new languages for the organizer. The four languages are Polish, Chinese, Dutch and Spanish. The company has employed translators of the native language to ensure that the translation would remain pure and not derived. An addition of the select skin/theme during the quick start would enable users to customize their own interface. As it turns out, this feature is already available in the previous versions although most users do not know of it. This improvement hopes to increase awareness of the existence of the skins/themes. The print caption option was also added which enables printing on multiple notes/folders. Other issues were resolved and improvements were done to reduce bugs experienced by users. AllMyNotes Organizer is still being developed and an update is to be expected every two to three weeks.

Vladonai Software was founded in 2009 by Volodymyr Frytskyy and Nadiia Frytska. Their main goal is to develop software which would help people in their everyday lives. They focus on three main aspects when developing their software – smart, performance and ergonomics. Their main focus was applications for mobile phone devices in which they could implement their three key aspects. They have worked for other companies in the past and have developed notable software ever since. Their developments are still maintained under their watchful eyes.