CorelCAD 2015 (Windows/Mac)


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CorelCAD 2015

CorelCAD 2015

Latest Release of Highlights Precise 3D Design Tools, Drawing Constraints and Expanded 2D Drafting

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CorelCAD 2015 was released today by Corel, latest version of reasonable and powerful CAD software, provides necessary tools for 3D and 2D CAD design. Corel DRAW graphics, automation capabilities and DWG files provide remarkable performance and speed on both Mac and Window. New features like pop-up dimension palette and increased editing tools of in- place text and capabilities of parametric drawing may assist users in increasing productivity of design.

Senior Product Manager of Technical Graphics at Corel, Klaus Vossen said that CorelCAD 2015 provides best cost- effective and strongest solutions of CAD software for users at each level. It is the best option for engineers, architects and CAD professionals for familiar ribbon UI, broad file compatibility and affordability. New capabilities of parametric design enhance workflow of productive design. Due to wide set of tools for 3D design CorelCAD 2015 is the best software for enthusiasts of 3D who are searching for affordable application for 3D design with capabilities of 3D output.

CorelCAD 2015 provides enhancement matching CAD design and new features assisted by ARES CAD platform state- of- the- art. Features are:

• New Parametric Drawing (Constraints Drawing) for Windows

• Increases precision of drawing using dimensional constraints to make sure 2D designs meet correct angle, size and proportion needed for preparing geometric shape achieved in specific manner.

• NEW 2D Editing Tools Of 2D

• Maintains value of attribute during exploding blocks to shapes that can be edited using tools of Discard Duplicates for simplifying geometry, Explode Block X, and path of interactive trim precisely corners and curves on screen.

• NEW Pop-Up Dimension Palette

• Displays property setting and formatting of dimension text over the screen for easy control and fast editing of settings used frequently.

• Increase Editing of Table and In- Place Text

• Modifies or creates existing text by paste formatted text and stack text from Microsoft Word inside the project. Deletes, resizes, inserts or merges cells, columns and rows inside the existing tables to involve necessary requirements and text quickly in any drawing.

• Increased UI(Windows Ribbon User Interface)

Increases productivity and permits the users for changing easily from different programs of CAD by workspaces of customizable Windows ribbon UI.

CorelCAD Software

CorelCAD is the solution of powerful and affordable CAD software for accurate 3D design and 2D drafting. True solution for CAD mechanical and architectural requirement is support of DWG with features of standard CAD.