BitDefender Internet Security 2013


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BitDefender Internet Security 2013 is a complete security package for computer users and internet denizens. BitDefender, one of the leaders in security software development, developed this program. This application protects computers from viruses and secures users from malicious content wandering around the internet. Everybody who goes online frequently and uses a computer regularly must get this program installed to his or her system units.

The edge of this program against its competitors is its silent operation. This application has an autopilot function that handles everything in the background. This feature effectively reduces the instances a user needs to interact with the program by smartly choosing the right actions on every event that will come up.

Compared to the regular Antivirus Plus version of BitDefender’s security software, it provides three additional functions. The first feature it has is the Enhanced Parental Control. If you have kids who use your computer, you can guard them from harmful and malicious contents scattered across the internet by using this function. You can schedule this task, or you can turn it on manually.

BitDefender Internet Security 2013 also has an anti-spam function for your email. Today, it is common that spam filters of email providers are not enough. To assure yourself that you will not receive any emails with malwares or viruses attached to it, it is recommendable that you get this software installed.

The last function it has that the regular version does not have is the two-way firewall. Usually, security firewalls are only one way, meaning it solely checks received data. With a two-way firewall, both outgoing and incoming data are checked. This is to ensure that the computer does not receive any harmful pieces of codes and does not spread it to the network.

The software BitDefender Internet Security 2013 is necessary for everybody. It will protect computers and their users. If you want to know more about this neat program, you can access BitDefender’s company website.