WinZip 19 Pro


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WinZip 19 Pro

Building on strengths in encryption and compression, Winzip 19 has been redesigned to offer completely new way of managing files in cloud, simplifying file sharing, and protecting privacy.

Today WinZip introduces WinZip 19 Pro and WinZip 19, powerful file sharing tools that will provide a completely new way to manage all files of yours- irrespective of whether these are in your system or cloud- while making it pretty simple to protect share and privacy of yours across cloud accounts, email accounts, and much more. It has been redesigned for offering highly visual and optimized experience. WinZip 19 pro and WinZip 19 are much easier and responsive to use as compared to what they used to be earlier. With cloud file management, network management, unified local management, easy sharing of files, and powerful privacy protection, WinZip 19 has come together finally in single application designed for Windows.

As per Patrick Nicholas who is WinZip president it is great having several cloud storage choices for the files but this all storage created serious privacy and file management headaches as well. Each day seems bringing another new high-profile story related to data stolen and cloud accounts hacking. This is nearly impossible to know where the files actually are getting stored and whether or not they are protected. He adds further that with introduction of new WinZip 19, cloud storage is being made worry free and simple. This is an easy-to-use application that enables users to add their own powerful encryption for keeping their files safe in addition to managing all accounts and files of theirs. Winzip 19 allows users to enjoy all benefits of cloud for sharing and storage without risk.

Productivity boosting with dramatically optimized UI (user interface), Winzip 19 has made it possible managing all unzip, zip, and files as well as potent AES encryption through unified, and single file-sharing environment.

  • Newly centralised file management – One can be much productive than ever with new file management features that come with WinZip 19. Select and browse cloud, network, or local files easily without making use of several browsers or applications for hunting through folders as well as searching through several cloud services. One can rename, delete, and move files in cloud between drives and accounts. It protects your privacy in cloud by simply encrypting files prior to them getting uploaded. Select sharing and saving options including instant messaging, email, cloud services, and social media- everything within same interface.
  • Simplified and new task-oriented user interface – All new Win-Zip comes with simple user interface featuring modern layout that will bring enhancement in productivity and visibility to all things that one does in their files. It allows you access tools that are needed with dynamic Actions pane. One can switch easily between file management and sipping features based on their desired workflow.
  • File conversion has been enhanced – Now convert to PDF, resize photo, encrypt files, and add watermarks to any point during zipping process. You can make decisions on the go prior, after, or during creation of zip files. One can select whether or not changes have been applied to all files in zip or only to individual select files.
  • High-resolution and new touch friendly designing – WinZin 19 comes with support to display maximum of 500 DPI as well as redesigned User Interface featuring extremely visible icons as well as makes drag-drop feature simple. It has been designed for taking complete advantage of 2-in-1 next generation devices and computers. Winzip 19 can automatically adjust for giving users optimal experience irrespective of whether they are in notebook or tablet mode.