WinZip 17.5 Pro Edition


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WinZip 17.5 Pro Edition

Imagine you found a software program that can handle all the zipped files. A software program that can recognize all file systems can be a highly beneficial one for any computer user. WinZip 17.5 Pro Edition comes to you with the very capabilities that you look for in an application. It has some amazing features that you wanted.

WinZip 17.5 Pro Edition unzips all major file formats and also protects your files from external threats. Your information and data security has been the priority in the latest edition of WinZip.

Here are some major new additions in the latest release of WinZip 17.5 Pro Edition:

Share securely online

Zip and share to the cloud

The cloud is the latest buzz in the online world. Everything is now on the cloud. It is considered safe and secure to share things on cloud based platforms. You can access your files from anywhere around the world with the cloud. The latest version of WinZip allows you to use the full potential of cloud. Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox and CloudMe are a few features to name that are in the latest version of WinZip. You can manage and share your files directly from WinZip. You can use any number of services and still use WinZip to share and organize the files and share them.

The latest addition is the ZipShare that allows you to share files to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can share large amount of data using ZipShare.

Do more with your files

Resize images

The software comes with inbuilt capabilities of resizing images to make file sharing more convenient and easy. It also has inbuilt PDF converter which converts files into zip format and make your documents ready only for added security. To make things even more secure, you can now use WinZip’s latest feature that allows you to add watermark to your files. You can protect your images by adding custom signature and ensure no tampering happens to your files.

Find the right tools fast

A more intuitive interface

The latest WinZip 17.5 Pro Edition is highly intuitive and the interface is developed in such a way to make your navigation easy and fast. The intuitive interface is Context-sensitive and changes based on the task that you are handling. Zipping and unzipping files has become very easy with the new and powerful interface. Right buttons for right task is what you can expect with the intuitive interface of WinZip 17.5.

Finally, the latest release of the software comes with a promise of making your life easy and also secure in the online environment. Cloud capabilities make it robust and highly competent software solution for file sharing and other compression needs. The latest features come with all the necessary tools that are essential for you like Zip and unzip Files, Share and manage files in a secure environment, protect files with advanced capabilities like watermarking, and backup options to ensure you have copies of your files in case of damage or loss.