TurboTax Basic 2013


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TurboTax Basic 2013

TurboTax Basic 2013 is your one stop solution for all your tax issues. With TuboTax, you can get your taxes right and ensure you are free from errors. The software helps you in all aspects of taxation and in the matters of filing taxes appropriately. With TurboTax Basic 2013, you can be assured of getting the maximum refund.

If you are new to the software, here are a few distinct features that you must know about the TurboTax Basic 2013:

No knowledge required:

Most of the software programs require you to have some understanding of taxes and other related information. You must be knowledgeable and have adequate knowledge about the taxes. However, with TurboTax, you need not worry about your knowledge and understanding. You get help at every level and you know what to do at any given point in time. You can test the solution by asking a question that you already have the answer for, and see how the software helps you in getting the right information. Even with little knowledge, you can use the software with complete confidence.


You not only get help at every step, you also have a real time coaching that is available at every step. You get to know the right reasons for doing a specific thing and you also are trained to do it right. Filing taxes will be fun with TurboTax. You will develop confidence at every step as you get help at every level.

Expert advice:

There are times when you might need someone to guide you with your issues. You may have a situation that is complicated and difficult for you to understand. At this time, you can always choose to use the expert help option that you get with TurboTax Basic 2013. You can talk to a real person and discuss your situation and you will get right answer for your questions. Not all cases are alike and not every person has the same situation, however, with the expert help that is provided, you can discuss the issues with the expert advisor and get your issues resolved. There are tax consultants who are available to you on phone, chat or email. You can choose the service that you like and share your problems with the consultants and find the appropriate answers to your questions.

Tax updates:

One of the best things with TurboTax Basic 2013 is the software updates. You have all the necessary updates that you ever want. All the tax laws that are updated in the current year are automatically updated in the software. You will not miss any critical information that is important. You also get updates on the new laws and their impact on your taxes. You need not worry about searching for information, you have it all in the software. All the updated laws and changes in the tax laws are updated for your benefit.

Customized search options:

You can customize the software to meet your personal needs. Based on your job, family and the lifestyle, you can select options that can give you best deductions. The search can be customized to your specific need.