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Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus Is the Heavyweight

Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus is one of the most popular anti-virus applications offered by Trend Micro.  It is easy-to-use and provides hassle-free functions against computer viruses, spyware, spam, cookies and much more.  Its maximum protection version helps its users against advanced malware, key loggers and suspicious websites.

Since Trend Micro started 25 years ago, it made simplicity and security has its core mission.  Its Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus offers these advanced technologies such as Safe Surfing feature for early threat detection and pro-active protection against any threat, certified data protection technology from home users up to the enterprise level and its intelligent support for computer networks and infrastructure.

Now with the pervasiveness of social media, this program automatically checks on social networking sites and those malicious ones are highlighted as threats.  Safe Searching for internet browsers like Google Chrome provides help against any malware intrusion.  On the other hand, the Privacy Scanner for Facebook is a great and unique feature where it protects the user’s settings.

Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus also has parental control function for home users that includes content filtering, SafeSync Online Storage up to 25GB and Secure Erase File Shredder.  These components provide the security advantage which computer users are looking for in an anti-virus program.

Aside from these great functionality, Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus also has the more expensive Internet Security, Maximum Security and Premium Security editions.  These represent the new strategy which Trend Micro offers to its global customers.

Independent organizations such as Canalys, CNet, PCMag and Veszprog of Hungary have tested Trend Micro’s products such as the Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus and found that it is indeed very effective against computer viruses, root kits, hacking intrusion and online phishing scams that are now affecting many credit card members worldwide.  That’s why Trend Micro is recognized worldwide.