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Whether managing lots of paperwork or emails and calendars, Dragon has helped millions of busy business professionals stay on top of their day.

Tips to help increase productivity.

Your work-style may have you thinking best away from your desk, multi-tasking or staying organized with to-do lists. These tips can help further boost productivity.

  • Make a list of the industry words you use and add them to your vocabulary. On any given day you may use dozens of words specific to your industry. While these terms and acronyms may be familiar to you, they may not be in Dragon’s standard Vocabulary. Don’t worry – you can easily create and import custom words lists. This will not only save you time as you dictate documents, but will also reduce the need to edit. Watch this short demo on how to import custom words.
  • Don’t let your daily “to-do” list become busy work. If you’re like me, you may write a “to-do” list to help organize your day. While helpful, if you find yourself constantly checking, re-writing and checking yet again, perhaps this is not the best use of your time. Read productivity expert Jason Womack’s 4 productivity tips to take control of your day. Many of Jason’s tips, such as making a list of your best customers, can easily be achieved using Dragon’s powerful dictation capabilities.
  • Sometimes your best ideas happen away from your desk. Ever sit in a brainstorming session crammed with colleagues and have nothing to share? Or have a sudden creative burst to lose the thought moments later? Creativity oftentimes happens away from work. Make a habit of taking a digital voice recorder with you (or use your mobile phone) to capture ideas and notes on-the-go for later transcription when back at your desk. Learn how to transcribe with Dragon now.
  • Multi-task smarter, not harder. There are times when you need to get back to work, even after you arrive home. This may mean choosing between meeting a deadline and leaving chores to pile up for the weekend. Multi-tasking smartly means sometimes mixing a physical task with a mental one. Since Dragon lets you work hands-free (using mic options such as a wireless headset), you no longer need to choose between getting that report typed up and folding laundry. You can do both. Learn more about Dragon’s microphone options, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work the way you want to work.
Speed through your to-do list using your voice and be more productive during your day

Speed through your to-do list using your voice and be more productive during your day

  • Students can use it to write papers, capture ideas, and keep on top of their social life – all by speaking.
  • Grandparents can chronicle their life stories, and use the computer in a much easier way.
  • Two-finger typists and those with carpal tunnel or arthritis now have a painless way to use their computer.
  • Busy professionals, consultants, small business owners can speed through their to-do list using their voice and be more productive.