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Compare—Visual & Content


Nitro Pro’s PDF compare tool allows you to easily spot the differences when comparing two versions of a file. Quickly analyze inconsistencies in your documents to avoid unnecessary steps in your review process and improve collaboration.

Visual Compare compares two files Pixel by Pixel and shows the differences, This is used for drawings, images and finer detail files.

Content Compare looks at documents more traditionally by highlighting the changes between source document and the changed document with corresponding colors. Mainly used for a text based document.

Problems Addressed

Previous versions of Nitro Pro could only display one document at a time and users could not compare the differences between two versions of a document.

Technical Information

Nitro Pro examines both the content layer and annotation layers of a document and finds the anomalies between the original file and the modified version.

Reviewing this feature

1. Open the Japanese Retail Trendmetrics file in Nitro Pro 9.

2. Change aspects of the document by adding annotations like notes, shapes, or drawings, text and images, or delete any of the existing content.

3. Under the Review tab, click either the Visual or Content option.

Nitro Pro 9 - Compare Visual & Content

4. In the Dialog, Select the two documents to compare.

5. Click Compare.