Nero 2015 Platinum


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Nero 2015 Platinum

What’s New in Nero 2015 Platinum ?

  • Stream videos – Nero AirBurn – Browse & tag
  • New Nero Launcher – Change the video-disc format – Hollywood-grade font styles
  • Instant access to your Nero cloud – Five new mobile apps – Stream to any TV – Even faster

Nero 2015 Platinum Overview

Nero is a platform that has been making moves in regards to recording and burning videos. It has updated their software with some new updates that are absolutely going to change the way you see media creation forever. With the introduction of Nero 2015 Platinum, the company really pushes forward a lot of editing, and recording to discs with relative ease. The following updates are just some of the things that are new from the mighty media platform.

Mobile Capability

One of the coolest things that you are going to find to be true about the latest iteration of this software is the compatibility that comes with smartphone integration. You can now burn files straight from your phone through Nero’s “AirBurn” update. That’s right, take your files to the computer and burn them straight through with relative ease.

Stream Files To Any Device

If you have a computer and you have a lot of files, and you’re on your phone, you can now stream them between platforms. Imagine getting a full streamlined movement forward, and you will see a huge improvement in your overall connectivity. You can definitely get a better vantage point in regards to musical sharing.

The Nero Cloud

Nero’s cloud service allows you to store files, stream music, and burn on the fly through cloud storage solutions. Get back ups, and use the full suite faster, and easier than ever before. Cloud management, backups, and movement is getting bit right now, and it continues to move with Nero’s services using the technology for media distribution.

Text Effects For Video

Edit videos, add text, use cinema ready elements and edit on the fly. Tag the videos, store them, stream them in 4K, or burn them fast. You’ll find that the process in the latest iteration of Nero’s software has been completely redesigned to allow for the latest files and options to move along with the right elements.

The Nero 2015 Platinum option is definitely one of the biggest jumps in terms of media software and burning. You will not find another option that seems to have the same kind of foundation that Nero has and it shows that they are moving forward with what’s standard. With integration of tablets, mobile devices, and more, Nero’s 2015 update is definitely one that is well worth jumping into to get the above updates and beyond. Test the waters and see what they’ve done with the software, you will definitely see improvements.