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The Latest Microsoft Office 2013 Products from Microsoft already in the Market

While a large number of consumers are opting to use mobile apps and web based applications, there are millions who rely on Microsoft Office for the purpose of getting work done. Microsoft can be used on your tablet, PC and Windows handset and currently, Microsoft is pushing for its integration between desktop applications and data stored on its servers. Microsoft has already released the 2013 office platform.

2013 office platform includes server Lync products, SharePoint, Pro Plus and Professional versions of client Office Suite as well as hosted versions of Exchange. In addition to this, the company announced an update of its Office software with 3 subscription plans. The new Office professional plus comes with Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Lync chat, OneNote, conferencing client, Publisher, InfoPath designer, Filler for creation of SharePoint workflows and Access desktop database. In addition to this, it also comes with SkyDrive Pro which can be connected to SharePoint library as well as personal space for storage. Apart from the Business plans 365, Microsoft has also launched 3 new subscription services.

  • ProPlus Office 365: This is a version of 2013 Office Professional and it allows subscribers to operate ‘streamed’ Office Professional 2013 copies on 5 PCs. The application used in this case is virtualization and this makes it easy for Office to operate without any conflicts. Microsoft has placed the service cost for this at $ 144 per user every year and this cost is included in the Office 365 update.
  • Office 365 midsize: It is ideal for companies that have close to 250 employees. It offers integration with Active on-site Directory services along with SharePoint, Lync and Exchange versions online. This plan also comes with phone support and per year costs $ 180 per user.
  • Office 365 Premium Small Business: Ideal for companies that have 10 employees. Some of the services included in this plan include SharePoint, Exchanges, streamed office applications and Lync. However, it does not come with backend services like e-discovery and is priced at $150 per year per user.

By looking at the plans and pricing offered by Microsoft as well as the experience, it is clear that Microsoft has made great leaps to accelerate the adoption of the client Office suite. There are other notable products that have be mentioned which are making Microsoft stand out in a tremendous manner and these include additional security as well as e-discovery features included in the 2013 Exchange Enterprise server and Exchange Online.

The company also provides cloud integration by making Office operate like online service after its installed since it integrates with its cloud online services. For businesses, there is SharePoint Online and for consumers there is SkyDrive. Microsoft provides these services so they can be used as documents default save points making sure you can access documents at any given time and anywhere. The new offers by Microsoft offer an unmatched value and choice for people from all walks of life.

About Microsoft Office 2013 Products

Microsoft 2013 features a complete platform of the latest products from Microsoft aimed at ensuring that users take Microsoft with them wherever they go. Microsoft is dedicated towards delivery of high quality products and this can be clearly evidenced by the variety of products they currently have to offer.