Media Suite – The Best Multimedia Suite from Cyberlink


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A Cyberlink coupon code is everything that a person would need to get hold of top-rated and award-winning products from Cyberlink. But the choice of where to use this Cyberlink coupon code will not be an easy one for there are 30 of these products that have been developed by the company.

One such product which has again impressed the experts and the consumers alike is the Media Suite 9. This particular software has been dubbed as the Swiss Army knife for multimedia suite packages. Like all the other products from Cyberlink, it has also been given numerous recognitions like the Editor’s Choice Award and the Five Star Award, to name a few.

There is a Cyberlink coupon code that can be used for the Media 9’s Ultra Pack and another for the Pro Pack. There are several links that offer as much as 40% off the Media Suite. There is also a Cyberlink coupon code that offers a 30% discount for this product for buyers in Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, and Australia.

Just what is in this product that makes it popular worldwide? It is a complete package that, for starters, has a language support for English, Spanish French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The Media 9 also offers innovative features like video and audio upscale to true high definition and theater surround sound quality. It also has an interactive technology which enables Blu-ray viewers to explore and interact with the movie.

This software also has capabilities for fast and simple video editing, conversion, and sharing in HD with the use of the Media Show and the Power Director. For photos, it is developed with the most advanced technology for face recognition; faster sorting, searching, and tagging; and a one click photo fix technology.

For audio files, Media Suite 9 has the Wave Editor that allows for ripping, creating, and converting tracks from videos. It also has burning and label writing capabilities, with thousands of built-in label templates to choose from.

The Media Espresso feature allows for fast and multiple media conversion. With converted files that can be outputted to one’s mobile phone. And as with all Cyberlink products, one can participate, learn, and share in its cloud communities.

Minimum hardware requirements for this software is a Windows 7, XP, or Vista operating system, 512 MB of memory space (2 GB for HD editing), 5 GB of hard disk space, and a Pentium 4.2.2 processor.