Tech Giant Introduces a Stronger Internet Security Software to Help Users Enjoy Safe Banking and Shopping Online

Russian tech company Kaspersky finally revealed its security packages for 2013 – the Premium Security Suite for internet security and the Essential Protection Solution, which is an antivirus program.

These products are available now in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, China, and India.

The Premium Security Suite primarily features Safe Money that fortifies safe online transactions such as shopping and banking.

According to Kaspersky Lab, Safe Money verifies the security certificate and web address instantly when the user visits a site. It also checks weak points of your OS and instantly post recommendations to open the site using the safe mode. This ensures that the user is protected from identity theft and phishing sites.

Last July, independent firm Matousec tested the performance of 14 internet security products. Only the package suite from Kaspersky passed among the generally distributed products.

KIS 2013 is also designed to protect the user from all internet and threats. It has an Automatic Exploit Prevention that works even if a computer and the programs are not yet updated.

Meanwhile, the Secure Keyboard that instantly open when you do online banking. This feature provides protection from phishing sites. The updated engine to combat phishing sites reinforces the defenses of a computer against bogus websites.

KIS 2013 also features reliable filtering of spams and unsolicited email promotions. It has a comprehensive reporting system that detects spam.

Kaspersky also expects parents to love the new internet security suite for 2013. It has an updated engine that runs automatic filtering of sites that are not recommended for minors.

The Kaspersky update for 2013 has minimal impact on performance. The internet security suite is optimized so that it will not have any considerable impact on the computer performance – a sure thing that gamers will love. The anti-virus data stored in the cloud lessens the size of the database stored on your computer.

For more information about Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, please visit the official Kaspersky Lab Website.