Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8


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Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 Overview

For those looking at a personalized suite for family protection that goes beyond just filtering pages, you’ll want to look into the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 option. This updated software package will give you a whole new lease on the way you protect your family from seeing bad things online. Whether you want to protect them from explicit media, or foul language, you can do so with relative ease. That’s just the beginning, however, as the updated software gives you more control, faster system elements and beyond.

Virus Protection

A full scale protection suite is what you get with this premium bundle from Inego. It’s been created to harness the latest Mac operating systems, and perform within the iOS platform. It is streamlined to go with the operating system and it shows. The virus protection is top notch and protects against all major viruses, malware, adware, and scripting that you may find online.

Mac Washing Machine

Mac running slow? Don’t worry, with this bundle you will get access to this update that reclaims all the storage, RAM and more within your computer. You’ll be able to scrub files, delete repetition, and absolutely streamline your experience with the computer. It cleans up things so that you are able to automatically organize data, folders, and get your system back to tip top shape.

Protecting The Family

You can protect the family on the fly. Give custom user names and passwords, limit online time, and keep all outside predatory scripting away. It’s a fully customizable way of protecting children and others from using your connection to find explicit content and more. Even accidental content searches will get blocked giving you a clean and squeaky internet experience.

Back Up

The backup elements in Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 are top notch. They have been upgraded and give you peace of mind in case your computer crashes, you delete files on accident, or any number of problems occur. No matter what you need help with, you are going to get moving forward with this solution that may very well give you a helping hand in regards to protecting your files today, and for the future.

The latest Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 is definitely one of the better solutions that you can pursue in regards to combining virus protection and efficiency software. The software comes with top level elements of protection from outside forces and issues with managing internet time and more.