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We receive many questions from Dragon customers via our Dragon Promo inbox. This month we wanted to highlight the ones we’ve been responding to as of late. If we haven’t addressed one of your top 5 below, email us anytime or visit the Knowledgebase for answers to other common questions. This month we’re also extending our accessory offers. Take advantage of these deals, and get the most out of your Dragon experience today.

Your top 5 questions answered

1.How many computers can I install Dragon on

How many computers can I install Dragon on?

For consumer editions of Dragon speech recognition, like our Home and Premium Editions, we grant one license of the software. This means you can install Dragon on one computer located at one physical address. We also allow you to install this one copy on a secondary computer for back-up purposes.

2.Can Dragon be used by other people in my household

Can Dragon be used by other people in my household?

Products like Dragon are “speaker-dependent.” It relies on information specific to you, including what words and phrases you use often, how you sound, what audio device you use, and what software settings you have. It stores this data in a set of files, referred to collectively as your “user profile.” Other members of your household are allowed to store and use their own voice profile on one computer that Dragon is installed on located at one physical address; however, if they wish to run Dragon on their own separate computer, they will be required to purchase another copy of the software.

3.Can I use Dragon without all the training

Can I use Dragon without all the training?

New in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is a fast and easy setup process which allows you to get up and running quickly, without training. Just a quick microphone check is needed. You do have the option; however, at a later time to enhance accuracy by doing additional training, have Dragon learn words from documents, or add specific words or phrases to word lists that you use. It’s important to keep in mind that while Dragon delivers high accuracy right out of the gate, it gets smarter the more you use it. And there are solutions to further refine recognition specific to you (i.e. the words and phrases you use), and reduce errors. See Question 5 for more on improving accuracy.

4.Can I record lectures using Dragon

Can I record lectures using Dragon?

Dragon is not designed for use with multiple speakers or to transcribe lectures. Thousands of Dragon customers still successfully use the software to transcribe interviews or lectures using a basic technique called “voice writing” or “parroting.”

  • Record a lecture using a digital recorder or mobile device and download the electronic recording to your PC.
  • Listen to the recording through the headphones of your Dragon headset and activate your Dragon microphone and repeat the recorded text as you hear it.
  • Speaking the text aloud in your own voice enables Dragon to accurately transcribe the audio using the Dragon profile tuned to your voice.
  • Dragon turns your voice into text as quickly as you can speak the words – so there’s no need to constantly rewind the audio while you try to type out the corresponding text.

5.You say accuracy out-of-the-box. Why does the program make mistakes

You say 99% accuracy out-of-the-box. Why does the program make mistakes?

For various reasons, Dragon does not always type the word you want. Some of the reasons include:

  • The correct word was not in the Vocabulary.
  • The word or phrase you spoke sounded very similar to the word or phrase the program typed.
  • The sound of your breath or other random noises were interpreted as small words like “in” that appeared where they didn’t belong.

As you subsequently use Dragon, you may still encounter occasional misrecognitions, though these misrecognitions will decrease over time. There are solutions to these and most of the other errors that the program might make.

  • If the program misrecognizes a common word, you can correct the misrecognition in a way that further refines the program’s understanding of your pronunciation of specific words or phrases by adding it to the Spoken Form of your Vocabulary.
  • If the program misrecognizes an uncommon word, such as a technical term or a proper name, you can add that word to the program’s Vocabulary so that it will understand the word or term the next time you say it.
  • You can also tell Dragon something about the frequency with which you use different words when you compose documents and e- mail.
  • A tool called Learn from Specific Documents lets Dragon analyze your documents and therefore enables the program to better recognize your language and writing style.
  • Another tool called the Learn From Sent E-mails can add the names of your e-mail contacts and analyze the language and style of your sent e- mail.

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