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Zoolz came into existence for the benefit people. It was created to help you handle your data easily and effortlessly. With the help of Zoolz Home unlimited, you can take backups and move all your data from your computer, the external drives and other network drives to the cloud for managing your data for the lifetime. You can do all this easily and effortlessly with the help of Zoolz.

Zoolz fully exploits the Amazon Glacier technology  and is the first service provider to use the technology in an intuitive way to provide you with multiple data backup options. Using the technology, you can get an easy data backup, instant view of your data, and image preview of your data.

You will realize the way and the speed in which the digital world is expanding. There is a rapid growth in the way things are done in the digital world. You need tools that can help you cope up with the speed of the technological growth. As the technology is growing, there are growing threats too. You will find people using methods to hack into your personal data and then misuse it. By using Zoolz, you can ensure that your data is protected all the way. Zoolz is designed to help you process and protect your data and provide you with an environment that is highly secure and durable. Zoolz is a one stop long term storage unit that you can use for all your data. Using the services of Zoolz, you can store your data in the cloud, and store it for a lifetime.

Here are a few features of Zoolz Home Unlimited:

External and Network drive backup

There are times when you use external drives to keep your data secure. The size of the data can increase over a period of time and you might need new external drives to save more data. However, using Zoolz, you can manage and save all your data in the external or network drives safely on the cloud. Once you transfer your files, they remain in the cloud all the time and you can access them anytime.

Real Security

You might be worried about the security of your files and worried about the files being hacked in the process of transfer. However, using Zoolz, you can be rest assured about the data security. The data is first encrypted and then it leaves your local machine. The files are securely transferred and stored in the servers that are encrypted as well.

Unlimited Lifetime Storage

You need not worry about storage space any more. You need not worry about buying web space to store your data when you are using the services of Zoolz. The service is a very low cost opportunity that is provided to help you store unlimited data on the cloud. The files are also duplicated to give your files reliability in the long run.

There are many more benefits of using the Zoolz Home Unlimted. Using the Zoolz services, you can be free and relaxed about all data storage issues.