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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2017

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security can spot and stop even the most sophisticated new attacks that bypass the traditional antivirus protection

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security has several features and offers optimum protection to your PC from hackers and other miscreants trying to intrude for getting sensitive and confidential information from your system. These days we are witnessing an increasing trend in new attacks on computers that bypass traditional anti-virus protection, in such times ZoneAlarm Extreme Security has come as a boon to safeguard your device and your information from getting into wrong hands.

Some of the features, in brief, offered by ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

Advanced Firewall: This monitors your programs for detecting suspicious behavior; it spots new attacks that bypass the traditional anti-virus protection and stops them.

Two-way Firewall: Keeps the hackers locked out and intruders blocked and make your PC invisible online.

Antivirus/Spyware Scan Engine: Detects all sorts of viruses, worms, bots, rootkits, spyware and Trojan horses and removes them effectively.

Anti-Spam: emails that are potentially dangerous are filtered.

Privacy & Security Toolbar: This toolbar provides site check, Facebook privacy scan, do not track, private browsing, etc.

Do Not Track: Puts a check on data collecting companies from tracking you online.

Advanced Download Protection: When a download is found to be malicious when analyzed it is stopped from infecting your PC.

Facebook Privacy Scan: Scans your recent activity on Facebook and alerts you to privacy concerns if any and also controls what the others can see.

Keylogger/Screengrabber Jamming: Identity thieves are prevented from stealing your passwords and other keystrokes that are typed by you.

Parental Controls: Limits the time spent online and further filters and blocks all websites and chat rooms that are found to be inappropriate.

Identity Protection: Guards your personal data by preventing identity theft.

Private Browsing: Allows you to surf the Web in total privacy by erasing your tracks.

Online Backup: Backs up files that can be restored in case the hardware faces malfunction.

PC Tune-up: Improves your PCs performance by cleaning, organizing and streamlining your computer.

More on Identity Protection Services offered by ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

Identity thefts are on the rise and this can happen to any of us, anywhere; ZoneAlarm’s PC based protection and exclusive data encryption is far superior and also provides offline identity protection services.

Daily credit reports with email alerts are included in the Daily Credit Monitoring and Fraud Alerts; any changes in your credit reports, which often indicate identity theft, are notified (US only).

Free telephone counseling guiding the victims of identity theft through resolution and recovery is provided by Victim Recovery Service (US only).

User-Friendly Interface of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

Can be used and customized by anyone with ease.

It provides a simple overview and offers one-button access to instant upgrades and updates.

Game-Mode allows you to temporarily suppress most security alerts with just a click to have uninterrupted fun at the same time keeping your PC protected.

The advanced users and the average consumers too are given options to customize and adjust the settings with the Customization and Advanced Controls.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security with its advanced firewall monitors your programs, spots and stops even the most sophisticated new attacks that are capable of bypassing the traditional antivirus and security suites.