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Zend Training Classes for the more experienced PHP programmers

Zend training classes is for the experienced PHP programmers wishing to learn to combine Zend Framework concepts and structural elements and use the full power of this software development kit for PHP 5.

This is a course that has been designed for those with a strong foundation in the PHP language and OOP and for those who have also created complex PHP web applications with success.

Those wishing to undergo Zend training classes should have a solid understanding of PHP right from the intermediate level to the advanced level and have sufficient object oriented programming experience.

What is the object of Zend training classes?

Zend training classes once completed will enable the PHP developers to utilize the Zend framework along with the Model-View-Component design pattern for creating strong web application easily and in relatively lesser time.

Some of the regular courses offered on Zend training are as follows:

PHP money saving bundles

  • PHP from the A-Zend for the new programmer
  • PHP from A-Zend for the experienced programmer
  • PHP from A-Zend for the OOP programmer
  • PHP from A-Zend for the IBM i programmer

PHP classes

  • PHP I: Foundations
  • PHP I: Foundations (IBM i/OS programmers)
  • PHP II:  Higher structures
  • Test Prep: PHP Certification
  • Quickstart: PHP for OOP programmers
  • Buildings Security into your PHP Applications

Zend Framework money saving bundle

  • Zend Framework from A-Zend

Zend Framework classes

  • Zend Framework: Fundamentals
  • Zend Framework 2: Fundamentals
  • Zend Framework: Advanced
  • Zend Framework 2: Advanced
  • Test Prep: Zend Framework Certification

Zend Product courses

  • Zend Server
  • Zend Studio

Zend’s online training:

Instructor-led online training courses of Zend enable you to learn PHP much faster and easily too. Training classes are delivered live offering real time interaction between the student and the tutor.  Integrated into the curriculum, relevant exercises help students to apply their newly learnt PHP skills.

Please note that all participants are registered as space permits or at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of start of the course.

Zend’s classroom training:

This is in a formal classroom setting and courses that are comprehensive and experiential are taught to the participants by a Zend PHP expert. Product and course material for each of the participants is included in this. Various hands on exercises that are pretty extensive offer practical experience to the students and help them gain confidence to apply their learning to the workplace.

Onsite Zend training classes:

This onsite training classes is a method that is found to be more suitable for a team of 5 or more participants wishing to get trained at the same time. In onsite training classes Zend’s highly trained professionals provide individual attention to each of the participants in the team to bring Zend’s knowledge of PHP and its applications and other Zend products directly to them.  Other facilities, equipment, and resource requirements apply.

You may please contact sales if you wish to have more details regarding the course itself or the pricing of Zend’s training classes.