WriteWay Professional Edition, a novelists best tool for creative writing

Launched in 2003, WriteWay has been assisting those serious about writing novels with its amazing tools that take your story ideas right from the initial concept of the story line and move your characters through to complete the novel; WriteWay Professional Edition best suits writers of various levels, right from the hobby writers to aspiring and seasoned authors.

In what way does WriteWay Professional Edition help those who wish to write novels or other manuscripts?

Voted the best creative writing software, WriteWay Pro Edition guides one through several areas in the field of writing such as compilation, research, organization and creation of foundation and framework assisting you to think well and develop your characters. Each novel indeed has a novel story line and this software guides you as you write and to coordinate the scenes for completing a novel, fiction or non-fiction that you have always been dreaming of writing.

WriteWay Pro is an edition that offers many features that work in perfect conjunction enabling you to develop characters with physical descriptions, photos, personality traits, a back-story and several others.

With this software you will be able to have all key information at your fingertips and can master its usage owing to its highly intuitive and fluid interface, clear text, images and directions; well it is no wonder that WriteWay Pro Edition has won the TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award!

Whenever you create a new character you can create templates that are a great help at the starting point and come in handy while writing several books; with the genre-specific templates created you can start off with ease on any of your other works be it your second or your tenth book.

A special feature termed Research Folders allows you to store your research properly categorized for prompt recall. This software also has a built-in browse feature for searching the web or conducting research or for verifying facts as your work is progressing.

WorkDays is yet another great feature of this creative writing software that enables you to keep track of the days you have worked on the book and a log to track the word count on a daily basis. This is extremely useful to track your progress and plug deficiencies if any found.

WriteWay Professional Edition’s Storyboard enables a visual display and management of your story on your computer screen in note card format.

Tools that are provided with WriteWay Professional Edition

A complete array of useful tools for assisting you to write in the most creative manner that come along with this great software are a word processor, dictionaries in seven languages, a thesaurus to find the apt words, word count, spell check and other writing examples within the application.

Equipped with a handy navigational toolbar with large buttons, a modern and sleek interface and various online tutorials for guidance on how to use it, WriteWay Professional Edition sure deserves to be voted the best creative writing software of today!