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WinZip Pro Combo Bundle

  1. WinZip Pro 19.5
  2. WinZip Courier

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WinZip Products

WinZip is  a one of the world’s leading software providers for file compression and encryption solutions. You have solutions for all kinds popular operating systems like the Windows and Mac. You can use the services on almost every device possible. You can use the services in your email, online and also on mobile devices. To get your computer operating at optimum levels, WinZip also has system utilities for PC and Mac platforms.

Here are some popular WinZip Products:

WinZip Pro

You can now take backups of your files and also protect them with WinZip Pro. You can upgrade to the latest WinZip Pro and you will be able to protect your files forever. The latest version has vast compression and encryption features. It also has file sharing features that are safe and secure. With the upgraded version, you get essential backup tools that help you in cutting down data loss. The new WinZip Pro allows you to automatically backup your files in the cloud. You can take backups to any account that has a cloud setup. The new version allows you to take necessary backups for all your computer data. You emails, documents, pictures and every other file can now be backed up for protection. By compressing the files and having smaller backups, you can take more out of the portable media. You can directly burn the files into Blu-ray Disc or CD or DVD’s. You can choose the backup process to a specific file or an entire system.

WinZip Courier

There are times when you want to share large files on the internet. It is difficult to share large files on the internet. Most providers have limitations on the size of the files. However, using the WinZip Courier, you can now share large files. You can attach large files on your email and confidently mail them. The Courier automatic integrates into your email and zips large files to the exact limits of your email account. You need not worry about limits and email sizes any more. The software also protects your privacy. You can send files that are password protected. The WinZip Courier is a complete solution for large file sharing. You can now share files of any size with confidence.

WinZip Self-Extractor

WinZip Self-Extractor helps you in creating self-extracting Zip files. When you have a large amount of files to be transferred electronically, you can use the WinZip Self-Extractor. The software has multiple file compression system in place that allows minimum download time and also ensures important files go in as a group. Additionally, WinZip Self-Extractor allows the recipient to use a familiar Windows interface to decompress files without a separate unzip utility. This utility is great when you have to send large sized files and also want them to go into a single batch. WinZip self-Extractor helps you send large files in a single batch and not miss any important files.

Use WinZip Products and files sharing more effective and secure. You have many tools that will help you in sending and receiving files easily and effectively.