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Fusion 8 Pro - Leading Edge Mac Virtualization

VMware Fusion 8 Pro

  • From the Mac to the Cloud – Integration with VMware vCloud Air. Securely back up local virtual machines to the cloud, or build websites and apps locally before pushing them to the cloud for production.
  • VMware vCloud Air Incentive Program – To help users get familiar with the benefits of cloud computing, VMware Fusion 8 Pro customers are eligible to receive $600 in vCloud Air service credit to use for up to 6 months — twice the standard VMware vCloud Air sign-up offer.
  • VMware Ecosystem Integration – Improved integration for connecting to, creating and running virtual machines hosted on VMware vSphere, VMware ESXi or VMware Workstation servers. Control and download virtual machines from remote servers and turn them into local Fusion Pro virtual machines, or upload local virtual machines to vSphere directly from Fusion Pro.
  • Built for Developers – Modern 3rd party tools such as Chef, Hashicorp Vagrant or Docker Machine to automate virtual machine and container deployment, or build universal applications for Windows 10 devices without ever leaving the Mac.
  • Complex Virtual Networking – With updated networking controls, including IPv6 NAT support, and compatibility with the VMware ecosystem, VMware Fusion 8 Pro users can recreate complex cloud architectures right on the Mac to demonstrate or validate design before implementation.


VMware Fusion 7 Pro

VMware, considered as one of the leading companies providing virtualization and cloud software, has released the new version of VMware Fusion 7. Pro version with some advanced features is available as well.

As one of the most favourite software available on providing virtualization on the Mac – running Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting – VMware Fusion 7 Pro, a latest version with enhanced features, has been released. Many customers – including advanced users, developers and IT administrators – have chosen Fusion Pro because of its good performance and powerful features to run Windows operating systems on a Mac. Some updates on the new version:

OS Support for Compatibility – Fusion 7 Pro now can support for both latest OS Mac and Windows systems – OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1 / Windows 2012 R2 (server). About Linux, it supports Ubuntu 14.04,  CentOS 7, RHEL 7,  Debian 8, Fedora 20 and many more.

More options on VMware Connectivity – Now users have more options to make the virtual machines become a private cloud by connecting with VMware vSphere or Workstation. Within Fusion 7 Pro, users can do directly from connecting to running, to uploading or downloading with the hosted virtual machines.

Dual GPU Optimization – Fusion 7 Pro allows users to choose what GPU (discrete or integrated GPU) they would use for 3-D applications. You should know that using the integrated GPU helps you saving energy while selecting the discrete GPU is for high performance of 3-D applications.

Improved Connectivity and iSight Support – users can esily make a video conferences with an iSight camera on Macs. Supporting USB 3.0, HD audio, Bluetooth 4.0.

Improved Productivity – Now you can improve overall performance of the virtual machines by using the new power state indicator in Fusion Pro Virtual Machine Library to monitor and shutdown when not in use. Fusion Pro also allows users to choose a specific virtual machine for working on.

VMware Fusion 7 Pro now can be purchased at the price of $149.99, or VMware Fusion at the price of $69.99.