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10% Off – VisioForge Encoding Filters Pack – One Developer

VisioForge Encoding Filter Pack

Video and audio applications developers are in constant need of development filter that they can use to apply a variety of effects to video and audio files. To answer this need, VisioForge, one of the leading SDK provider in the world, has released their Encoding Filters Pack, a software meant to provide developers with various filters that can be used with wide range of video and audio file formats.

These Filters can be used with along with various software development kits from VisioForge and offer support for different types of audio and video file formats. The Encoding Filter Pack includes FFMPEG Encoder filter (for MPEG-1/2/4, flash video formats), NVidia CUDA H264 encoder, and H264 encoder/decoder with Intel QuickSync support. Moreover, the software also comes with a multitude of encoders and decoders such as AAC encoder, MP4 mixer, MP3 LAME encoder, WebM encoder/decoder, Ogg Vorbis encoder/decoder, and RTSP streamer.

The VisioForge Encoding Filter Pack has been designed to work with various video file formats so the developers can take advantage of it when it comes to developing either a general-purpose video converters and processing, as well as tools that are targeted to specific video types, giving its user flexibility to work on specific requirements for their projects.

Developers can use Encoding Filter Pack in combination with other VisioForge SDKs such as Media Player SDK, Video Capture SDK, Video Edit SDK, and alike. This ensures that developers can bring their skills to other applications, offering a better experience for their users. The filter pack is compatible with various programming languages including Visual Studio .NET (Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic .NET), Delphi, Visual C++, and Borland C++ Builder.

All in all, VisioForge Encoding Filter Pack is a great tool for developers either for a single developer or for team developers- to bring their video and audio app building skills to the next level.