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IDM Computer Solutions offers a range of software for all kinds of programmers. UltraEdit is IDM’s highly acclaimed text editor program.

What is UltraEdit ?

UltraEdit is a text editor for inputting and editing text and code. It can work with a variety of programming languages and can support syntax highlighting and code structuring. Programmers mainly use UltraEdit, but it is also useful software for anyone who works with unformatted text such as PHP or XML.

How it Works

When first installed, you can configure the programming, web development and general file associations for your version of UltraEdit. The File View allows you to see the hard drives, CDs and FTP accounts for your files. Toolbars, menus and options can adjusted by users to be narrowed down to just a few options for the novice or configured into a complex list of choices for the most experienced programmer.


UltraEdit consistently wins “Application of the Year” awards for being one of the best text editors in the world. It is always one of the top-rated applications by PC Magazine and Download.com. Over two million users work with UltraEdit.


UltraEdit is a versatile text editor and can work with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms, support UNICODE, large files, spell check, work with over 60 languages, perform syntax highlighting, access FTP services with multiple accounts, perform keyboard mapping, column editing, and generate templates. The program supports various file types and can convert files and even perform encryption services to protect data. Users like the drag and drop templates and quick find features for easy editing.


This text editor can be slightly overwhelming for many first time users who may have a bit of initial trouble navigating the software. It takes some time to get accustomed to the varied options, and it is recommended that users read the Quick Start Guide and information located within the help option in order to gain some familiarity with the program. You can also configure your program to serve as just a simple text editor or as a powerful editor with all the available tools. There is readily available tech support from IDM to help with questions and software set up and use. They can walk you through any aspects of the program that are confusing.

A Free Trial

UltraEdit can be downloaded for free as a trial to see if you like what the program has to offer. This free trial is a full version of the software and will allow you to use the software for up to 30 days, depending on your usage. Heavy usage during trial will reduce the number of days of your free trial.

The product is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems and in English German, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. UltraEdit can be purchased for $79.95 for up to 3 separate installs or combined in a bundle with other IDM products. The cost is relatively inexpensive for such a powerful text editor. This product offers frequent updates, allowing you to access the latest developments in text editing applications.