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U-BTech : Products

U-BTech Solutions is a company that has been providing amazing tools and services to the professionals working in the information technology related industries. These tools and services are designed to help professionals improve and optimize their day-to-day management tasks. You will find U-BTech partnering with you and helping you achieve common goals through their range of products. U-BTech is the home of many Microsoft  related products.  U-BTech Solutions specialties are in the fields of Information Technology, Microsoft Server Products Intergration, IT Infrastructure Software Development, Office 365 Outsourcing.

U-BTech Solutions LTD Products and Services

U-BTech Solutions has some hot products that are in high demand in the market place. These products are filled with features that are so needed for professionals in the IT industry. When you think of a solution that is related to Microsoft, you will not be able to sideline U-BTech’s name as many fine products come to you from U-BTech Solutions.

Here is a list of fine products that sell as hot cakes in the professional world:

XtraBanner: E-mail Enrichment

If you are looking for a perfect and robust E-mail enrichment solution, then you have the finest product from U-BTech named XtraBanner E-mail enrichment solution. The E-mail enrichment is designed to exploit the benefits of all Microsoft Exchange features. You can now add banners and ads with your organization’s email exchanges. The email exchange can be internal or external one. You also get to taste the benefits of the product with a 30-day trial version.

Exchange Tasks 365

For many years now, Microsoft’s cloud initiative is the major solution used by professionals for e-mail infrastructure related needs. However, Microsoft’s initiative has challenges that remain to be a challenge till date. However, with U-BTech’s Exchange tasks 365, the challenges that Microsoft’s product has, is addressed and it is given to you as a solution that you can rely on.  User management was getting to be a major challenge and that has been addressed in the U-BTech’s latest version.

Outsourcing Services

The greatest advantage U-BTech is the flexibility that it gives you in choosing IT professionals. The unique process of U-BTech gives you complete control on your human resource selection and sourcing. The process of choosing right IT professionals is a challenge; however, The outsourcing services of U-BTech makes it easy and time saving. The process of choosing efficient professionals is redefined by U-BTech. You not only get right IT professionals, you also get expert assistance from the qualified IT staff.

Infrastructure Consulting Services

U-BTech is recognized as one of the leading Partner with Microsoft. If you are looking for the best IT consultation services, then U-BTech is your premier choice. Going with the best will give you the best services and right kind of solutions that can make a difference in your organization. U-BTech comes to you with an experience that is unmatchable. Having executed hundreds of successful projects, U-BTech specializes in core infrastructure related domains of Microsoft.

U-BTech is a sure shot solution for all your IT needs. The company comes to you with all the necessary products and services that can make your company grow to the next level.