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Typing Instructor Platinum 5 for Kids Discount Coupon Code

Typing Instructor a complete package of fun, entertainment, motivation and of course learning!

Typing Instructor Platinum and Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum are the new typing leaders who utilize the latest technology for providing education in the most entertaining and motivating manner. These programs are not only for beginners but also for the intermediate and the advanced typists too. They are imbibed with some truly creative learning themes and are fast-moving educational learning programs that help the learners to be motivated with their reward earnings, point collection and a chance to win games. In this program, typists can opt for learning in either English or Spanish.

What is so special about Typing Instructor Platinum?

This is an innovative and a truly powerful program that helps teach both the young and the adult group to improve and strengthen their keyboard skills and one has an option to choose from a wide variety of typing plans, almost twenty of them, with each one tailored for keyboard, numerical keys and symbols and the best part about it is that one can build their own specific lesson plans to suit their requirements.

Here it is very different from a regular and sometimes boring classroom setting; one is taken out on an adventurous trip revolving round a theme such as a photo safari, a world travel or even a time travel trip where the learning enthusiasts get to travel through various time zones across the globe. This unique combination of learning and adventure surely is something to experience; visiting unique and thrilling locations, winning games and points, collecting rewards, is yes totally a rich and rewarding experience.

This program has raised the bar in the field of entertaining learning, what with multi-play, and multi-level games! It teaches all types of typing skills, speed, accuracy, dexterity, retention and rhythm. Treasures of the Sunken City is the first narrative adventure typing game conceptualized by this program!

An award-winning product, Typing Instructor Platinum, is a most comprehensive typing program available today that has the right mix of education, entertainment and motivation to improve your skills in typing.

One can identify their strengths and weaknesses by going through the graphs and charts that show your proficiency and do you know you can view results for each finger, row, key or hand separately?

With more than 100 professional lessons and tests, this program allows you to learn at a fast pace with quick as lightning touch-typing and the use of repetitive keystroking you can achieve perfect finger-to-key memory.

Now let us come to Typing Instructor for kids Platinum

This program is specially designed for little children to make it more entertaining and motivating for them. This program is designed with 11 typing plans that include Learning the home row, Home row and upper row, Home row and lower row, plans for 7-8 age group, 9-10 age group, Game plans, Skill-building plan, Numeric keypad plan, Suggested typing plan with or without games.

These 11 typing plans adhere to the standards set by the National Education Technology and all lessons, 160 in all, come with Structured touch-typing content, Unique drill and interactive exercises, Age-appropriate content, Skill-building with proven methods, Graphic guide hands and Multi-skill levels.

Multi-level typing games such as Play Ziggy, Wild West and a host of such others create a play and fun atmosphere while teaching the young ones to learn a new skill with glee!

Trust Typing Instructor to bring out the best in you and your little ones!