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The impressive functions of TweakBit PC Cleaner

We keep on adding junk to our computers till the time it becomes impossible for it to take anymore. There is lot of stuff that we download from the internet, most of which ultimately goes waste. TweakBit PCCleaner helps in removing all those junk files from the computer and makes it clutter free.

A clutter free computer means more speed. Once it is installed, the maintenance is done automatically. It can restore and execute for up to three computers. It does not matter how old the PC is or which version of windows is loaded; it is compatible with all of them. It even helps antivirus and other software programs to run faster. This program is provided with tested algorithms which give boost to the computers.

TweakBit PCCleaner cleans web cache, unneeded application logs, temporary Java files and Microsoft Office cache, Windows and user temporary folders , all of it in one go. The most popular version of this program is While installing it, it would set up thirty four files and would take memory up to 29.85 MB. The chief program executable is pccleaner.exe. It is extremely popular in U.S.A, followed by U.K. and Australia.

The process of removing TweakBit PCCleaner is as simple as installing it. One has to download the option “Should I Remove It”? It is absolutely free on the internet. Once this option is downloaded, you can click it and it will be removed from the computer. Another method to uninstall is by going to Windows’ Control Panel and clicking at the Add/Remove option. Now, you have to search for TweakBit PCCleaner icon. After pressing it, the computer will ask you whether you want to uninstall it. By pressing yes, the procedure will start. If for any reason, the process fails, you can install Microsoft’s uninstall fixer utility. It will help you in uninstalling this program.

The four main functions performed by TweakBit PCCleaner are Error Log Cleanup, Browser Temporary Files Cleanup, User Temporary Files Cleanup and Turn off hibernation. We all know that unwanted error logs start mounting up on their own, so it helps the system run faster by removing these logs from time to time. When we surf internet, most of us do not even realise that lot of temporary files start accumulating in the computer itself, it clears those files and makes space in the disk. If a computer is being used in a great deal, the temporary files on it are also ought to be more. It removes those files as well. Hibernation is one of the features that are not of any importance on the PC. Most of us are unaware of the fact that it also utilises memory. This program frees up the system by freeing those gigabytes.

The customer care team of TweakBit PCCleaner is very kind and helpful. If you are facing any sort of a problem, you can always call them and take their guidance. Also, internet is a good source of information.